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Play Google like a Minimoog: Google’s Doodle, the image you see on their homepage, is one of their best yet: it’s a fully interactive, playable Minimoog synthesizer. You can even record and playback little musical sketches and share with friends. Since the Earth is round, gets an early scoop. (Yes, the Moog sun will rise first on the land of Roland, Yamaha, and KORG.)

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Google honours Robert Moog, the inventor of the Moog synthesiser on ..

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That was certainly the . What he got as a student opened up the doors to the knowledge and interests that gave the world Moog synthesizers. Dr. Moog himself long credited his education – as a youngster at Bronx High School of Science in New York City, studying physics at Queens College, Colombia, and Cornell, and even making kit Theremins and discovering electronics – for what would come. Look to any other synth pioneer, or modern inventor or software developer, and you’ll find a similar story.

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Today's Google Doodle is something special. To celebrate the 78th birthday of analogue synthesiser legend Robert Moog, the folk in California have made a . A Moogle Doodle, if you will. You can even record your efforts!

Today’s Google Doodle Is An Awesome, Playable Moog Synthesizer
Today’s Google Doodle features a simulator for a toy version of the Minimoog synthesiser

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Search engine Google are celebrating the birthday of inventor of the moog synthesiser, Bob Moog, ..

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23/05/2012 · Google’s tribute to Robert Moog, the creator of the synthesiser, may see visitors staying on the search page for a long time today

23/05/2012 · The doodle is celebrating the birth ..