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It is suspected that repetitive microtrauma of the femoral head leads to small fractures in the fragile spongiosa framework of the immature femoral head; this hypothesis is supported by the observation that the disease is more common in hyperactive children ().

The vascular hypothesis is supported by the fact that the blood supply of the femoral head, derived from vessels that take an intra-articular course at the femoral neck, is especially vulnerable in children of this age group ().

Abnormalities of blood coagulation or blood viscosity, as well as blood vessel changes, can lead to epiphyseal bone necrosis ().

In addition, most children with Perthes disease also manifest skeletal retardation ().

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Mood-dependent memory occurs where the congruence of current mood with the mood at …

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Acoustic processors analyze vocal patterns, for example, and by Fourier transform continuously synthesize spectral time samples which can be kicked out by the hundreds every second, correlated with stored prototypes in the processor and decoded to probable sentence-patterns. Since the human brain can process 5,000 bits of information per second, the capacity of current market computers to perform hundreds of millions of calculations a second through injection logic circuits easily explains how the subject’s actions and ideas may be anticipated through analysis of preverbal thinking. It explains as well how computer response programs modulated to typed vocal patterns can produce the effect of voices discharging in one’s brain as if in answer to thoughts, actions or ideas not yet clearly formulated in the mind of the subject (since the computerized vocal-patterns bypass auditory circuitry and resonate the brainlobes directly, no detection of mechanical artifice arises; the brain directly interprets the signal as human speech-pattern without tinny resonance, robotic diction etc.).

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To take it a step further the more that we are able to make experiences richer with music and scenery and the congruence of these two abstract but powerful values, the more impact certain moments can have and the more meaningful memories can be.

The results suggest that mood influences the mood congruence effect in a way that cannot be explained by semantic priming alone.

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For applications outside academia, co-author Katsumi Watanabe from Waseda University and the University of Tokyo in Japan considers that the platform could be used for therapeutic purposes, for example for mood disorders by inducing positive attitude change from retelling affective memories or by redescribing emotionally laden events in a modified tone of voice. It might also be possible to enhance the emotional impact of Karaoke or live singing performances, or maybe to alter the emotional atmosphere of conversations in online meetings and gaming.

We replicated the congruence effect between the mood inductions and the valence of the participants' recalled memories.

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“Previous research has suggested that people try to manage and control their emotions, for example hold back an expression or reappraise feelings. We wanted to investigate what kind of awareness people have of their own emotional expressions.”

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From the above sources it becomes persuasively apparent even to the average lay reader that such technology is firmly in the hands of government agencies; and that fact requires no hypothesis of "unknown" or "secret" technologies in itself, since well-known equipment (i.e. of the Cray supercomputer type etc.), even publicly available to some degree, comprises the backbone beneath the total range of engineered effect. (Initiated understanding would include, however, the practical presence of scalar technologies not nearly so well known, by which multi-leveled coded potentials may be patterned and directly discharged without "intervening em waves" through the brain-molecules of the targeted subject.)

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Unlocking of those threshold values of the multidimensional being, generates a progressively deeper (functional) congruence between subconscious systems patterning the mind/body networks, and the Conscious axis itself. Such a deeper, multidimensional alignment and integration doesn’t mean a more rigid-inflexible structure; on the contrary, deeper integral harmony of the autonomic with the conscious systems imparts to the former greater available values of the latter, so that the essential indeterminacy belonging to void-consciousness allows for expandingly elastic degrees of freedom in the variable patterning of memory-codes and subconscious circuits.