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Arnold, "Resolving the Paradox of Stasis: Models with Stabilizing Selection Explain Evolutionary Divergence on All Timescales" [ | ], doi:10.1086/510633, p 227-244 v 169, , Feb (online 4 Jan) 2007.

It is one of the most modern synthesis process ..

Modern Strategies for Borylation in Synthesis; Modern Strategies for ..
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Glyphosate Toxicity: Pathways to Modern Diseases

I found that the emphasis on natural selection in the modernsynthesis shifted the focus away from humans as passive participants tothe recognition that humans are active agents in their own cultural andbiological evolution.

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Iminosugars are good starting points for the development of different kinds of drugs. Many are polyhydroxylated piperidines that behave as biomimetics of their corresponding pyranoses analogues. In the interaction with carbohydrate processing enzymes, selectivity is a crucial issue and the benefits of introducing a cyclopropane bridge in a piperidine structure is demonstrated. The synthesis of novel bicyclic piperidine-based iminosugars using a sulfur ylide cyclopropanation as the key synthetic step is described.

29/03/2015 · The modern evolutionary synthesis is a 20th-century synthesis of ideas from several fields of biology ..
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This appears to be an entirely straightforward expression of a theoryof divine illumination. It is not clear who is providing theillumination. Apuleius (fl. 150 CE) would later identify the source asa certain kind of friendly demon, and argue that it was only fittingfor Socrates, the most perfect of all human beings, to receive suchillumination (De deo Socratis, XVII-XIX). (This idea thatillumination comes to those who deserve it would be proposed byAugustine as well [e.g., De magistro 11.38], but abandoned inhis later writings as untenable.) As one might expect from Socrates,his illumination seems restricted to the moral sphere. Its form isunclear: is it propositional? (see Phaedrus 242bc) Is itmerely the pang of conscience? (For discussion of these and otherquestions, see e.g. the papers collected in Destrée and Smith2005.) Whatever the details, Socrates is explicitly describing a kindof cognitive guidance that has a “divine or spiritual” source. Thepassage may be an embarrassment to classicists, but it surely belongsin the same tradition as later medieval endorsements ofillumination.

'Marthe represented the perfect synthesis of a real and ..

That is, if more than one regioisomeric elimination product is possible, then the thermodynamically more stable alkene will predominate in the product mixture:E1 conditions (very dilute base) lead to a mixture of 2-menthene and 3-menthene.

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Only one is active at a time.The moth that has evolved to blend in with the sooty walls and treetrunks of modern industrial cities is another example of evolution in our time.

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(The reader may recall that, E2 reactions are frequently used in synthesis, in sharp contrast to E1 reactions.) The proportion of the starting material that reacts via an E1 pathway can be enhanced, relative to the proportion that reacts via the SN1 pathway, by using solvents of extremely low nucleophilicity such as triflouroacetic acid.

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He states in : "If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down" .