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Secure OFDM System Design for Wireless Communications In the final part of the dissertation, the proposed anti-eavesdropping OFDM sys- . 5.3 Proposed Secure OFDM System Using Channel Gain based Coordinate. Channel Estimation and Performance Analysis of MIMO-OFDM proposed. In this technique, STBC and SFBC are used for pilot and data MIMO-OFDM systems proposed in the thesis have been simulated extensively in. channel estimation in ofdm systems - Semantic Scholar On the submission of my thesis report of “Channel Estimation in OFDM .. One of the proposed third generation telecommunication systems is the Universal Synchronization in OFDM systems This dissertation addresses one of the critical issues in the development and We extended our proposed OFDM timing and carrier synchronization schemes to Modelling and Performance Assessment of OFDM - UCL Discovery Abstract. This thesis is mainly concerned with the design, modelling and performance The results indicated that the proposed OFDM system can be perfectly. ofdm air-interface design for multimedia communications - Signal The aim of this dissertation is the investigation of the key issues encountered in the development of . 1.4.2 Part II: OFDM System Proposal and Evaluation. PhD Thesis. - Ethesis@nitr - NIT Rourkela 2 Jun 2016 and PAPR reduction in OFDM systems" represents my original work .. 4.10 PAPR performance comparison proposed SAS-DCT technique

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Measurement, Modeling, and OFDM Synchronization for the Wideband Mobile- to-Mobile Channel A Dissertation Presented to The Academic Faculty By.

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The demand for high data rates in wireless communication systems is increasing as well the demand for new (communication) services. Expanding of existing services or introducing new services needs a portion in the radio spectrum. Mean while the radio spectrum is a scarce resource and is regulated by governmental regulations and policies. Measurements done by the FCC show that the licensed spectrum is not always fully used and hence is not efficiently utilized. This need for spectrum resources and the unefficient use of it has lead to the birth of Cognitive Radio (CR). CR enables the efficient use of the radio spectrum and makes it possible for new services to operate adjacent to existing Licensed Users (LU) without suppressing their performance. There are several methodologies to realize CR, one of those methodologies is Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing OFDM. OFDM is one of those methods which is very suited to be used as a modulation and transmission technique in a CR system. OFDM is suited due to its multicarrier property and its robustness in the faded mobile wireless environments. In almost all wireless applications the arrival of the transmitted message in a good and acceptable quality is an agreement condition. Hence the Bit Error Rate (BER) is important and must be boosted. Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) has been known as a technique to enhance the transmission quality and capacity. Learning and understanding capabilities in CR are crucial to achieve the goals of efficient spectrum utilization in terms of spectrum resources and energy resources. The wireless channel is central within this context, thus estimating the channel is the key to make CR operational, taking in consideration that the transmission-reception technology is available. In this thesis, we design a MIMO system using OFDM modulation technology to transmit and receive two signals over the mobile wireless channel. We use MIMO concept to enhance system capacity and robustness of the wireless transmission. Due to the influence of the channel on the transmitted messages and its importance in wireless transmission to reconstruct the transmitted signals, the channel needs to be known as much as possible. We gather knowledge about this wireless channel and try to estimate it using training symbols called pilot symbols. We distribute the pilot symbols in a way were they can estimate the channel. The way those pilots are organized and implemented in the data stream is called the pilot pattern. We design three different pilot patterns suitable for implementation in MIMO. Within the pilot patterns, we implement the novel Virtual Pilot concept, to simplify the filtering process and to save energy, because the virtual pilots don’t consume power. We test all three patterns. Based on their performance in estimating the channel, we chose the best performing one and implement it in aMIMO OFDMbased CR system. The performance of each pattern is measured by means of BER and Mean Square Error (MSE). We assume that information about the LU is available from spectrum sensing for the transmitter. Due to the properties of the OFDM frame (2D), the estimation is done by using Wiener filtering first in frequency direction followed by filtering in time direction. To reduce computation complexity of the filtering process, we chose the cascaded Wiener filtering as 2x1D filtering instead of 2D filtering, because the first have a comparable performance compared with the last and have less computational complexity. Due to the MIMO structure, the received signal is the contributions from all transmit antennas. Those different contributions from the transmit antennas at the receiver need to be separated. To separate the different contributions form each other, we use the layering concept. Vertical Bell Laboratories Layered Space-Time (V-BLAST) is a detection algorithm to be used in each receiver to detect and separate the transmitted signals in the received stream from each other.

MIMO OFDM Channel Estimation with Optimum Pilot Patterns for Cognitive Radio in Overlay Spectrum Sharing System
MIMO OFDM Channel Estimation with Optimum Pilot Patterns for Cognitive Radio in Overlay Spectrum Sharing System

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All channel estimation and data detection methods for different MIMO-OFDM systems proposed in the thesis have been simulated extensively in many different scenarios and their performances have been verified fully.

The OFDM symbols are divided into groups to which a set of pilot subcarriers are assigned and used to initiate the channel estimation process.

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8 Sep 1998 This thesis consists of a prologue and six parts that address two aspects of orthogonal These channel estimators are proposed to be designed generically, 2 ML Estimation of Time and Frequency Offset in OFDM Systems. An Equalization Technique for High Rate OFDM Systems (TEQ) is included in an OFDM system to shorten the effective channel discussion of the basic concept of OFDM, the motivation of the thesis is proposed. SENSITIVITY OF OFDM SYSTEMS TO - OAKTrust In this dissertation, the problem of synchronization for OFDM-based wireless .. inally proposed for SISO OFDM systems was extended to MIMO-OFDM systems. RF impairment mitigation and limited feedback techniques in Some of the solutions in this dissertation are proposed for general MIMO-OFDM systems while others are proposed by taking the LTE or LTE-Advanced standard Advanced Channel Estimation and Detection Techniques for MIMO The thesis have studied low-complexity channel estimation and ICI cancellation algorithms have been proposed to mitigate the dominating ICI coeffi- cients inside 2.5 Pilot-Based Channel Estimation for MIMO-OFDM Systems Over Quasi-. master thesis project proposals: signal processing for wireless and Claudio Sacchi Master Thesis Proposals – Academic year 2015-2016. MASTER THESIS Project P5: Iterative Detection for Turbo-coded Satellite OFDM;. Project P6: Smart wireless synchronization in LTE systems (with extension to LTE-A Ph.D. Thesis of Anna Vizziello Advisor Prof. Lorenzo Favalli Part I: OFDM Systems and Inter Carrier Interference Mitigation. 6. 1 Orthogonal . Specifically, cognitive radio technology is proposed for opportunistic spectrum. ofdm based rf and optical wireless systems - ETDA The dissertation of Bilal A. Ranjha was reviewed and approved* by the following: system and compare its performance with previously proposed schemes.

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All channel estimation and data detection methods for different MIMO-OFDM systems proposed in the thesis have been simulated extensively in many different scenarios and their performances have been verified fully.