Men and women both tended to marry ..

It was as if the laces were screaming "All worldviews unite."
my life
Girls are tough
my sad recollection
The freshness of the heart can fall like the dew
I am
fuck you swine
fish swims, fish in the sea, all kinds and colors, they all love me
I loved you you made me bleed
You bled me, I made you love
wedding at one at takersly manner
love- as beautiful as a dove
Spring; you always hear the birds sing
Smoke - as crazy as a mad man
It is an e-mail.

pragmatism and continental immanent theory and …

This hypothesis is at least tenable, given the variability of in terms of style and subject matter.
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This wasn’t very damn interesting. Yes, some sort of problem like this is a possible hypothesis, but you’ve presented essentially zero evidence in support of it. It’s like saying someone could have killed OJ’s wife and framed him for it, but it’s hardly the most plausible theory. After all, bizarre witchcraft accusations are fairly common throughout history, including in the contemporary developing world. Such accusations seem to be driven by illiteracy, ignorance and religious fervor rather than food poisoning.

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Did you know that 75% of women accused of witchcraft in “the olden days” in Britain were acquitted? And the rest were hanged, not burnt at the stake.

In a long comic episode Juan iskidnapped and held in a seraglio, where he is forced to wear women'sclothes.
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"Daily Life in Ancient Egypt."

Max was working at the Y Combinator company Zenefits; Jack co-founded a performance-management company, Lattice, which had just gone through YC. The two brothers moved in with Altman temporarily three years ago and never left. Altman recently hired a designer to upgrade his gray IKEA sofas to gray SummerHouse sofas, and he hung some handsomely framed photographs taken from space, but the house maintains an upscale-student-housing vibe. His mother told me, “I think Sam likes having his brothers around because they knew him when, and can give him pushback in ways that other people can’t. But it’s tricky, with the power dynamic, and I want it to end before it explodes.”

How do you feel about eating naked

I come from a long line of “natural” healers (homeopathic, herbal, etc.), and with those compounds as well, you also very much need to be aware of how things interact with each other. I think the idea of the failure/shortage/disease of a decent crop of St. John’s Wort could very likely (either by itself or with symptoms exascerbated by the ergot troubles) have been a culprit in the behaviors of those young women. Agh!–Can you imagine?…Trying to use the St. JW to treat their general anxiety/depression, etc…only to find that your beloved, usually reliable herbal fixer-upper is either less than potent or diseased as well?! Out of the frying pan and into the fire! Bwah! And who knows what other plants and herbs could be affected in that same way? Anyway, the idea certainly has merit; it would be fascinating to be able to somehow do more research on that very specific theory!

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Historically, pregnancy and abortion have been surrounded by a constellation of myths and old wives' tales and it is, perhaps, no surprise to find UFO mythology being used to explain unexpected pregnancies, 'mysterious' discharges and missing or malformed babies. In the 1970s, a 19-year-old Californian girl attributed the birth of a blue-skinned, web-footed baby to being gang raped by six blue-skinned web-footed humanoids who attacked her after she watched their spaceship land on a beach. Similar stories of lusty mermen (the ocean has some affinity with space) can be found in folklore and are usually given as explanation for the birth of deformed babies with reptilian or fish-like characteristics. Some researchers are aware of intriguing similarities between the lore of witches and fairies and modern abduction reports, and nocturnal sexual encounters with supernatural beings of all types can be found in most cultures to the present day.

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Byron is saying to the initiated that he is one of us.
Although women went wild over Byron's earlier poems, many of them(including his mistress, Countess Teresa Guiccioli) were hostile to ,which not only had pederastic overtones, but made fun of women'shypocrisy, sentimentality, and self-delusion.

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he side aisles are adorned with old paintings, which represent whole families, women and children, all clad in canonicals, in long robes and large ruffs.