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3.2.3 Uses of individual PAH The uses of commercially produced PAH are as follows (Collin & Höke, 1985; Franck & Stadelhofer, 1987; Griesbaum et al., 1989; Collin & Höke, 1991): - naphthalene: main use: production of phthalic anhydride (intermediate for polyvinyl chloride plasticizers); also, production of azo dyes, surfactants and dispersants, tanning agents, carbaryl (insecticide), alkylnaphthalene solvents (for carbonless copy paper), and use without processing as a fumigant (moth repellent) (see Figure 2); - acenaphthene: main use, production of naphthalic anhydride (intermediate for pigments); also, for acenaphthylene (intermediate for resins); - fluorene: production of fluorenone (mild oxidizing agent); - anthracene: main use, production of anthraquinone (intermediate for dyes); also, use without processing as a scintillant (for detection of high-energy radiation); - phenanthrene: main use, production of phenanthrenequinone (intermediate for pesticides); also, for diphenic acid (intermediate for resins) - fluoranthene: production of fluorescent and vat dyes; - pyrene: production of dyes (perinon pigments).

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7 Ligand properties edit Fluorene and its derivatives can be deprotonated to give ligands akin to cyclopentadienide. Of pyridine are required per.01 mole of fluorene. Synthesis of 9-fluorenol c) after 5 minutes. Field of the Invention, the present invention relates to a process for the production of pure fluorenone by oxidation of fluorene fractions with air or oxygen in the presence of quaternary salts. Table of Physical Constants: Chemical Name, chemical Formula, mW: (g/mol). Fluorene is a precursor to other fluorene compounds; the parent species has few applications. "Potassium Derivatives of Fluorene as Intermediates in the Preparation of C9-substituted Fluorenes. This reaction is accomplished by reducing the compound with sodium borohydride in methanol. (Leningrad) 1970, 43(8 it has furthermore been taught to obtain fluorenone by air oxidation of a fluorene emulsion in aqueous alkali at 175.

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The reactions mechanism describing the kinetic results has been proposed which involves formation of 1:1 intermediate complexes between fluorene derivatives and the active species of permanganate.

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Design and synthesis of fluorenone-based dyes: two-photon excited fluorescent probes for imaging of Lysosomes and Mitochondria in living cells

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Fluorenol was not degraded further, suggesting that it and fluorenone are products of a separate metabolic pathway from that which produces dihydrocoumarin, the polar compound, and the energy for cell growth.

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Reported levels (µg/kg) of selected polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in food Compound Meat and Fish and Dairy products Oil, fats, and Vegetables Cereals meat products seafooda margarine and fruit Acenaphthene No data 0.9-500 No data 0.02-0.45 No data 0.6-0.7 Anthracene 0.9-31 0.05-240 No data 0.02-460 0.09-0.4b 0.5-1.3 Benzo[a]pyrene 0.01-42 (130c) 0.003-290 0.08-1.3 0.02-140 0.05-6.2b 0.1-0.8 Chrysened 0.15-0.6 0.03-210 1.3-1.5 0.1-120 0.5-69b 0.77 Dibenzo[a,l]pyrene No data No data No data No data No data No data Fluoranthene 0.48-100 0.1-1800 0.01-4.2 (8.0e) 0.02-460 0.93-120b 0.3-28 Fluorene No data 0.2-370 No data 0.02-200 No data 1.3-2.7 Naphthalenec No data 0.8-210 No data No data No data No data Phenanthrene 3-64 0.1-2700 0.56-0.72 0.09-1400 0.47-17b 9.9-29 Pyrene 0.55-63 0.03-1500 0.04-2.7 (4.8e) 0.02-330 0.83-70b 0.22-21 a Data from industrially polluted areas included as food items from those areas enter the market b Values detected in vegetables grown on contaminated soil are excluded c Exceptionally high values found in processed foods, but PAH not determined in these studies d Most measurements performed with gas chromatography, so that actual levels are overestimates due to analytical interference by triphenylene.

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Moreover, fluorene and its derivatives are considered as effective and pronounced precursors for the synthesis of photochromic di and tetrahydroindolizines [-].