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It is easy to say what this approach to semantics denies. Theinternalist denies an assumption common to all of the approachesabove: the assumption that in giving the content of an expression, weare primarily specifying something about that expression’s relation tothings in the world which that expression might be used to say thingsabout. According to the internalist, expressions as such don’t bearany semantically interesting relations to things in the world; namesdon’t, for example, refer to the objects with which one mighttake them to be associated. Sentences are not true or false, and donot express propositions which are true or false; the idea that we canunderstand natural languages using a theory of reference as a guide ismistaken. On this sort of view, we occasionally use sentences to saytrue or false things about the world, and occasionally use names torefer to things; but this is just one thing we can do with names andsentences, and is not a claim about the meanings of thoseexpressions.

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This means that (1) in this t-distribution, 5% of the area lies below t=-2.015.

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By specifying "on average" the supposition is that the quantum vacuum, in proximity to fundamental particles, is populated by numerous length-time 'photons', whose mean wavelength corresponds to the particle's de Broglie wavelength. Collectively, these 'photons' would thus form the equivalent of a "wave packet", which would modulate the behavior of the particle as perceived by external observers. In essence what would otherwise be classical trajectories for fundamental particles, would be radically modified by a particle's wave packet - consisting of a cloud of length-time quanta in the particle's immediate neighborhood. Being that these length-time 'photons', are assumed to possess a mass in the supersymmetry regime, the range of their length and time wave components would be restricted to less than 10 meters. This would explain the spatial confinement of the wavepacket, associated with fundamental particles, as it evolves in time. Alternatively, essentially the same result would be obtained by assuming fundamental particles are not perfectly 'locked' at the cross-over node, but oscillate symmetrically to either side of it. That would dispense with the need for a 'packet' of length-time quanta in a particle's vicinity.

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Lewis was right. Even if philosophers have not consistently kept thesetwo questions separate, there clearly is a distinction between thequestions ‘What is the meaning of this or that symbol (for aparticular person or group)?’ and ‘In virtue of what factsabout that person or group does the symbol have thatmeaning?’

The mean birthweight in this group was 3.48 kg with a standard deviation of .80 kg.
What is your conclusion, if a random sample of 100 off-campus students had a mean GPA of 2.72?

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This claim is puzzling: why should a a theory which issuesT-sentences, but makes no explicit claims about meaning or content,count as a semantic theory? Davidson’s answer was thatknowledge of such a theory would be sufficient to understand thelanguage. If Davidson were right about this, then he would have aplausible argument that a semantic theory could take this form. Afterall, it is plausible that someone who understands a language knows themeanings of the expressions in the language; so, if knowledge of aTarskian truth theory for the language were sufficient to understandthe language, then knowledge of what that theory says would besufficient to know all the facts about the meanings of expressions inthe language, in which case it seems that the theory would state allthe facts about the meanings of expressions in the language.

This new method of cholesterol reduction was used on a sample from a population with a mean MU cholesterol level of 225.

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Because of cases like this, it seems that regularities in meaning andbelief are not sufficient to ground an analysis of meaning. For thisreason, many proponents of a mentalist analysis of meaning in terms ofbelief have sought instead to analyze meaning in terms ofconventions governing such regularities. There are differentanalyses of what it takes for a regularity to hold by convention (see );according to one important view, a sentence S expresses theproposition p if and only if the following three conditionsare satisfied: (1) speakers typically utter S only if theybelieve p and typically come to believe p uponhearing S, (2) members of the community believe that (1) istrue, and (3) the fact that members of the community believe that (1)is true, and believe that other members of the community believe that(1) is true, gives them a good reason to go on acting so as to make(1) true. (This a simplified version of the theory defended in Lewis1975.) For critical discussion of this sort of analysis of meaning,see Burge 1975, Hawthorne 1990, Laurence 1996, and Schiffer 2006.

Which of the following assumptions are needed to use XBAR, the mean of the data, and normal tables to test a hypothesis about MU?

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The influence of the length-time (hereafter L-T for brevity) field on fundamental particles would result in a particle being distributed symmetrically throughout both time (past and future) and space (positive and negative), as it is acted on by the ensemble of L-T waves (quanta) in its vicinity. This L-T field induced 'smearing' of a fundamental particle's location in time and space suggests what the "collapse of the wavefunction" might actually entail, particularly in conjunction with John Cramer's Transactional Hypothesis detailed below. If we imagine a floating soap bubble as a particle's overall energy dispersed through space (positive and negative), and time (past and future), this would correspond to the particle's pre-collapse wavefunction. The 'popping' of that bubble then corresponds to the collapse of that particle's wavefunciton, as all the energy of the bubble dispersed throughout a large region of space and time collapses into a single locale and time.