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Technological advances are becoming ever prevalent in our modern lives. Rather than ignore this reality, it would be beneficial for educators to embrace technology into the learning environment. For a Master’s thesis, one could examine various technological teaching tools and evaluate efficacy in the teaching environment. As children become exposed to technology at younger ages, learning to adapt to the changes in attention span and learning styles are highly critical to maintaining an engaging classroom.

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Admission requirements
Admission to this option is normally restricted to candidates who hold a post-graduate BEd(Hons) degree or equivalent, as the research entailed and the subsequent writing of the thesis generally require a sound understanding of educational theory. This degree may be undertaken in any approved field of educational research, depending on the availability of supervisory staff.

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These are just a few ideas to guide you on your path to obtaining your prestigious Master’s degree in Education. By selecting a thesis topic that is ideal for you, you will fully demonstrate your knowledge and proficiency as a skilled educator.

SpecialisationsThe Education Department offers Masters Coursework programmes in the following subject areas:

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The assignment is essentially a long research paper with your original analysis of educational studies conducted by others. You will incorporate information from courses you have learned throughout the course of the program to show that you have grasped the content and can apply it. For example, if you were writing your paper for a Master’s degree in Education, you might focus on the affect technology has on learning or effective teaching methods for students with ADHD.

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Accommodating students with special needs and developing a learner-friendly classroom environment is undoubtedly one of the key elements of teaching. However, despite research conducted by the suggesting that approximately 1 out of 68 children is on the autism spectrum, little progress has been made to ensure that public schools and accompanying curriculum adequately accommodate different needs. Furthermore, the stigma surrounding autism stems from a lack of understanding about the condition. Perhaps research into how to appropriately inform educators and students alike about autism would make for a more equitable, hospital learning environment. This would make a worthwhile Master’s thesis topic to undertake.

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If you intend to continue your education to eventually earn a doctorate in education, it would benefit you to choose a thesis program. This will give you experience you an apply to a future dissertation. If, however, you prefer tests and are seeking a terminal Master’s degree, there are other options to the thesis requirements. For this reason, it is important to ask the question about thesis requirements when evaluating Master’s in Education programs.

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Not all Master’s degree programs have the same graduation requirements. They are all designed to present to your advanced curriculum, but the way in which you are assessed may be different from school to school. Some departments at grad schools prefer to have a higher credit requirement and to forego the final paper. When you take a program like this, it may take you longer to graduate. Other departments may require a graduated student to pass an that will cover all of the material learned throughout the 2-year span. If you are comfortable with exams in high pressure situations, this could be an alternative for you.

During your fourth semester, you will write your master’s thesis

If you are gravitating towards a non-thesis program, you should consider the importance of completing this final project first. One of the reasons why this requirement has been around for so long is because it is proof that a student has gained knowledge in education. You pay a great deal of money to study for a master’s so you should be able to have original and meaningful thoughts once you complete the curriculum. If you can demonstrate your thoughts in a clear and concise way, you are ready for a professional job in education in an academic setting.