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The degree programme is worth 90 credits with emphasis on studies required to develop and manage international business operations. The mode of the study is part-time tuition. The course contains lectures, team work, individual readings, presentations and online work.

The studies include themes like strategy and change, leadership skills in international context, accounting and financial management, project management, managing international business risks, global operations management, intercultural communications in a multicultural environment, and professional customer and market analysis.

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Master Thesis Quality Management

The following courses are part of the MSc programme Environmental Sciences when selecting the thesis track Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management. Besides these courses, for the common part of the programme several supporting courses are available which have to be taken if your study adviser deems it necessary (these are not listed in the table below, but summarized in the ). Also, there is room for optional subjects which you may use to broaden your scope or to deepen your knowledge on a topic in your specialisation. For more information visit the or contact the study adviser.

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The research is multidisciplinary (environmental engineering, environmental chemistry and aquatic ecology) and ranges from the laboratory scale (detailed process studies) to the scale of actual ecosystems (field studies). The multidisciplinary expertise of the team comes together in the development of integrated models for ecosystem and water quality management. The research approach is quantitative with a strong emphasis on state-of-the-art statistical and modelling techniques.

The degree gives a qualification for a public appointment where Master's degree is required.

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The training courses are and as a collobration with LOGO Business Solution and which is the unique software on quality management as a collobration with SUPPORT Software.

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Research and education at the Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management group (AEW) focuses on the physical, chemical and biological processes occurring predominantly in freshwater ecosystems. The main goal is to develop new knowledge and better instruments for restoration and management of aquatic ecosystems.

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Content New Opportunities for Building Strong Brands. The Master’s in Dital Marketing & Communication Program is based on actual cases that will give you the tools to understand and grasp opportunities in an area that is constantly changing. MSc. International & Brand Management. Lund University. Keywords Dital content, content , online branding, brand equity online. Theoretical perspective The used and built upon existing.


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This page details the Master Of Quality Management course offered by University of Wollongong in Australia. You can search for similar courses from this provider or others. If you are interested in studying the Master Of Quality Management then contact University of Wollongong directly for further information.

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The Master's Degree in International Business Management is a professional higher education degree. The programme focuses on state-of-the-art skills and concepts of international business management, and it enables the graduates to manage and lead operations in challenging multicultural environments in Finland and abroad.