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stay permit in Luxembourg if non EU citizen; Adequate knowledge of English.
MASTER'S THESIS Dynamic Analysis of pass through narrow openings and flow considerable distances Sweden is one of the biggest mining countries in Europe.
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Tomorrow marks the half-way point of my PhD fieldwork trip hosted by Malmö University through the INU Seed Money Fund. I have enjoyed the experience of research life here in a Swedish university, and have valued the culture of collaboration. One example is the opportunity to discuss my research project face-to-face with colleagues here. On many occasions, they have in turn offered their professional networks to connect me with research interview participants within the integration, multicultural and diversity policy sectors.

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Adam Ridley, a doctoral candidate at Flinders University, working in collaboration with Dr. Margareta Popoola, lecturer in the Department of Global Political Studies, Malmö University, is the first recipient of the INU Seed Money Fund. Seeking to determine the extent to which policies of multiculturalism adopted by liberal democracies lead to improved racial discrimination, social cohesion, and equal opportunity outcomes, Mr. Ridley intends to conduct a series of international case studies focused on Australia, the U.K., Sweden and the Netherlands. He will use the INU Seed Money Fund to conduct the field work for his Ph.D. thesis at Malmö, in October and November 2016. This field work will include conducting a series of interviews with policymakers and program implementers in Sweden.

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Master thesis projects sweden All in all my trainee placement in Germany has been very valuable and I have learned a lot at Scania Germany in general and at the department Strategy

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advanced coursework followed by a research-based master’s thesis.

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