Presentations from the Master Thesis Seminar 2017:


Soon after the student's defense of the PhD thesis, the evaluation jury recommends if the PhD degree is to be awarded and reports this recommendation to the educational institution and the student.

The educational institution issues a diploma for the PhD degree.

Music Academies offer a specialist degree of 2-4 years following the master's degree.

Presentations from the Master Thesis Seminar 2017:

• One external test in the final bachelor project which together with the test after the practical training and the programme's other tests have to document that the educational learning goals have been achieved.

The tests in the final bachelor project consist of a project and an oral examination.

Best 19 Master's Degrees in Denmark 2018


On completion of the education, the higher education institutions issue a diploma, which indicates the examinations taken and the marks obtained as well as the title/degree awarded.

The compulsory educational elements and the practical training have to comprise at least 75 ECTS.

Master Thesis: Attracting Chinese Tourists to Denmark

In general, the educational institutions are responsible for regulating the size of the student population themselves, including the specific number enrolled at each program.

Master's Thesis, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen


An academy profession degree contains theoretical teaching at the educational institution as well as practical training at a company, either in Denmark or abroad.

Master Thesis in Regulatory Affairs - Novo Nordisk

Although the national Council Presidencies are expected to act neutrally as 'honest brokers', the holder can use the Presidency helmet to promote national interests. With a focus on Poland’s and Denmark's EU Presidencies in the fall 2011 and spring 2012, this
thesis illustrates, how the Council Presidency can use its power position to shape EU’s climate policies to its own benefit. Additionally, the thesis shows under what structural constrains, the Presidency operates.

The thesis argues that both Poland and Denmark did benefit from the Presidency position, while simultaneously performing their roles as honest brokers. However, to what extent a Presidency manages to successfully promote national interests, depends on the nature of the Presidency’s national position. Perceived as the ‘green leader’ of EU, Denmark could easily push for an ambitious national climate agenda, without being considered as a controversial Presidency. As the outsider in the EU climate negotiations Poland had more trouble protecting its own concerns against this agenda, although it did
manage to secure its most vital national interests. Read the thesis by Sidsel Korsgaard .

These are all ideas related to collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Food in Denmark.

Aarhus University (AU) — Study in Denmark

If the PhD degree is not awarded, the educational institution will, after request, issue documentation in Danish and in English that parts of the PhD programme have been completed.

The educa-tional institutions can also allow for others to hand in a doctoral thesis.

Master Degree Thesis In Crypto System

The general admission requirement for all programmes at first cycle level is the completion of one of the qualifying examinations at upper secondary level:

• The upper secondary school leaving examination (studentereksamen)

• The higher prepatory examination (HF)

• The higher commercial examination (HHX)

• The higher technical examination (HTX)

Admission can also take place on the basis of a relevant vocational education.

Rules regarding Master's Thesis

While the small states of the European Union are more numerous than ever, recent institutional developments suggest that their ability to exercise influence in the EU decision-making process is becoming more constrained. This master thesis by Sofie Grønbek Jørgensen sets out to explore how small states can counter the power imbalance currently favoring large states by taking advantage of an alternative approach to influence. More specifically the aim is to shed light on how small member states are using a lobbying strategy towards the European Commission and the European Parliament in order to maximize their influence on EU-decisions.