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Step 4:
Arrange to have an official copy of your transcripts from each school you attended sent directly to the ICS office address listed above. Transcripts must be sealed in an official envelope from institution.

The initial program of study is the following:

Elective CoursesStudents will select  of the classes listed below.

Description of the Capstone Element:

What about if my undergraduate degree is in Engineering or Business? Will I still be able to find a technology related internship?
Yes. We will encourage students with Engineering or Business (or science) backgrounds to include domain specific companies in their searches in order to increase their chances of success. However, we believe that those students will be able to secure positions in pure technology firms once the program is over and that many will do so in Summer.

Explores the bridge between computer vision and computer graphics

Will the dedicated career counselor for the program provide extra help beyond the typical job fairs?
Yes. The MCS program is the only graduate or undergraduate program in ICS or Engineering that has a dedicated career counselor. That counselor will offer weekly job search coaching sessions and will be available throughout the program for one-on-one career and job search counseling sessions.

These can be submitted online or mailed directly from your recommenders to:

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Step 5:
Applicants may login to the online to check for application materials received and their current application status.
Admissions decisions are ongoing from approximately March through May. Acceptance and denial letters will be sent electronically.
We cannot provide you with the final decision over the phone/email.

Resources to support your thesis writing

ICS Graduate Office – Master of Computer Science
Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences
352 Information & Computer Science
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697-3430

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Step 3:
Provide Letter of Recommendation and Waiver of Access forms to the three people you have identified who can evaluate your academic and/ or professional achievement, describe your strengths and weaknesses, and comment on your character, integrity and motivation. Letters that speak to your ability to perform in a post graduate academic program are especially useful.

More information about the Letter of Recommendation process can be found .

Do you accept GMAT in lieu of the GRE?No.

Can students in the program request Filing Fee status their last quarter?
This is a lock step professional program, where students pay one program fee and graduate in either summer or fall quarter. Therefore, filing fee is not offered for professional programs.

Am I eligible for the TOEFL waiver?For information on TOEFL waivers, please see .

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Is the internship mandatory?
No. However, it is strongly recommended. Students with significant prior work experience or internship experience may forgo the internship.

Are classes offered in the evenings?Most courses will be offered in the evenings.

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** Admitted students in the first year of the program should make every effort to take community college classes in the summer to fill holes in their knowledge or to take Coursera or EdX classes. There is an excellent on-line book on Discrete Mathematics offered by Zybooks. The code for an independent student is dmSIALR25SO. Students can try out the first chapter without purchasing the book to see if it will meet their needs.