She was baptized under the names Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna.

This essay will provide both sides of this argument, stating findings and facts about Marie Antoinette’s influence on the people of France, and what feelings she provoked in them with her actions, and if there was an...

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Marie Antoinette's first child was Marie Therese Charlotte(Madame Royale).

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Born an Austrian princess, she because one of the last monarchs to rule the French, Marie Antoinette has had a major impact on French History but, most importantly, the French Revolution.

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Being a divine ruler, they thought that Louis XVI should have taken better care of them since he was supposedly “chosen by God” and they looked down on Marie Antoinette for less significant reasons because she was foreign.

In the year of 1774, Marie Antoinette married to Louis Auguste and became a Dauphine of France.

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Many people see Marie Antoinette as a leading cause of the French revolution, with her enormous spending, affairs, disapproval of reform, and influence on her husband, King Louis XVI.

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It is known that Marie-Antoinette in her married life had known a humiliating experience. Louis XVI had been unable during 7 years to consummate the marriage. This was known in France as well from the royal courts of Europe.

Her birth name was Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna, but many just called her Marie Antoinette.

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Everyone wants a view into Queen Marie Antoinette’s personal French bedroom. Bonnefoy du Plan oversaw the creation of the furniture pieces which sit in her bedroom. The furniture feature carved and painted trellises, basketwork, floral forms and rustic garlands. The furniture is called “wheat-ear” furniture, so named for lily-of-the-valley, pine cones, and ears of wheat found in the design The third floor is known as the Mezzanine and was for the Queen’s staff.

But did Marie Antoinette play a decisive role in causing the French Revolution.

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However, the majority of her paintings were beautiful, colorful, idealized likenesses of the aristocrats of her time, the most well known of these being the Queen of France Marie Antoinette, whom she painted from 1779-1789....

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Despite the work of other great scientists, namely Antoine Becquerel, Marie Curie proved to be the greatest scientist in European history by earning many awards, becoming the first female scientist, and assisting in the discovery of the X- Ray....