These resources provided by MANET node are limited resources....

Further analysis was performed on the forged steel crankshaft in order to optimize the weight and manufacturing cost.

Key words: FEA,CAE Analysis, Dynamic Load analysis, cost optimization, Weight reduction, Crank shaft, Crankshaft Analysis, Cost and weight reduction

[1] Altan, T., Oh, S., and Gegel, H.

They are manufactured by using variety of manufacturing processes.

Manet's scenes of Parisian cafes, bars and streets reflected the new Paris....

Complementary theories to supply chain management.

In a Multiprocessor design, each processor can use the uni-processor power management techniques, such as clock gating, keeping the processor in standby mode and voltage and frequency scaling.

The approach which is used here is Kalman filter algorithm.

This paper deals with thefactors or parameters which reduced theefficiency of the condenser.

Key words: Flow rate of water, Power Output, Heat Performance Rate, Performance analysis

[1] M.

As with anything new, there is a foreman, and Edouard Manet was this man.

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The results obtained showed that the two samples of chicken examined would meet-up with daily demand in relation to production rate domestically.

Key words: Chicken, Contour, De-feathering, Down, Plucking-force.

[1] S.O.

The self-organizing nature of MANETs …

An Empirical Investigation of Aspects of Strategy Formulation and Implementation within Large Private Manufacturing Companies in Kenya – Unpublished PhD Thesis University of Strathclyde Glasgow Scotland U.K.
[2] Awino Z.

MANETs will become widespread as the number of mobile ..

The results show that the solving method base on software is both effect and exact, so it is an efficient method for solving large size of real problems.

Key words: Model and algorithm, linear programming; the shortest time limited; transportation problem; Lingo software

[1] Li Zhenping, Transportation Problem to the Shorte Time Limit and It's Algorithm, Operations Research and Management Science, 8(4):31-36,1999.
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The reason, in practical situations, it may not be possible to maintain the optimum number of spares inventory by piecemeal procurement policy and if possible, the policy may not be cost effective.

Key words: Logistics, spare management

[1] Aosa E.

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With high penetrations of wind energy, performance of the overall system is affected by the technical impacts introduced by wind turbine generators (WTG).

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In the present study, the impact performance of glass fibers reinforced aluminum laminates (GFRAL) is investigated by experiments and numerical simulations.

We foresee the increased use of MANETS in our ..

The hybrid learning algorithm is used for training this network .When compared with other controllers (PID and fuzzy controller), neural network shows a better performance achieved with its tuning.