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The proper FemMix ratio is 1-part A, plus 1-part B (by volume) plus a small desired amount of powdered makeup. You can mix the powdered makeup in the A-side making it match your skin tone - then mix in the B-side. The result is a special effects make-up/glue. To remove FemMix, slowly peel the prosthetic away from the skin and slowly peel the FemMix off of the Prosthetic.

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Ryan tried on the PIPDriver™ at an appointment with his Hand Therapist and put it to the test with a funny hobby of his: juggling! The prosthetic allowed him to keep control of the balls, making it easier to juggle for a longer time. Also, the device protected his hypersensitive residuum, allowing him to catch the ball without fear of pain. In only a few minutes of wearing the BPF, Ryan could see that they make, as he says in the video, “A world of difference.”

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FemSkins are designed for the Transgendered, and they are anatomically correct. They are made of a soft flesh-like silicone rubber and the prosthetic bodysuit creates the perfect female form. The female genitalia, breasts and anus are super realistic.

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A full line of FTM prostheses, harnesses, and chest binders that allow you to present a totally male appearance

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