Protein chemical synthesis by ligation of peptide hydrazides.

*Synthesis, formulation and testing of various custom lipid-based drug delivery vehicles
*Coordinating complex experiments involving extensive interdisciplinary efforts, numerous individuals, and multi-imaging modalities
*Targeted drug delivery and imaging research including ultrasound, PET, CT and optical techniques both in vitro and in vivo
*Biosensor development utilizing whole cell encapsulation
*Partial patent owner titled, "Ultrasonic Concentration of Drug Delivery Capsules"

Total chemical synthesis of di‐ubiquitin chains.

Chemical synthesis of ubiquitin, ubiquitin‐based probes, and diubiquitin.

Chemical and semisynthesis of posttranslationally modified proteins.

MPD Chemicals appointed Mehdi Ghadiri, President of Monomer-Polymer and Dajac Labs in June 2009. Monomer-Polymer and Dajac Labs, headquartered in Trevose, PA, is a subsidiary business unit of MPD Chemicals. Monomer-Polymer and Dajac Labs has a 50 year history within the specialty chemical industry, recognized for its production laboratory, large scale manufacturing, and distribution of primarily specialty monomers and polymers with established, in some cases proprietary, procedures to synthesize, modify and purify more than 10,000 monomer and polymer products. He has managed production projects ranging from gram quantities to metric ton manufacturing.

Tech in Chemical Engineering-Full-Time

Introduction to the principles and operation of fuel cells, stack configurations and fuel cell systems. Fuel cell system design, optimization and economics. Overview of fuel cell technology. Thermodynamics of fuel cells, introduction to electrochemical kinetics, transport-related phenomena and conservation equations for reacting multicomponent systems.

N‐Methylcysteine‐mediated total chemical synthesis of ubiquitin thioester.

M Tech (Chemical Engineering) from Anna ..

John Shibley joined Silar Laboratories in 1993 as the site manager of its Scotia, NY laboratory R&D and production facility. In 2009, he was named President of Silar Laboratories after Silar’s purchase by MPD Holdings. Previously, he was the business manager of Silar while Silar was owned by Wright Corporation and Oak-Bark Corporation. For over 20 years at Silar, John managed process development, scale-up, new product development, commercialization, manufacturing, and business management. John earned a BS in Chemistry from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and an MBA from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington.

Department of Chemical Engineering ::: CALTECH

The BTech (Chemical Engineering) programme is offered in partnership with the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. The programme is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Board (EAB) of the Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES). Via this accreditation, all signatories in the Washington Accord recognize the substantial equivalence of this programme in satisfying the academic requirements for the practice of engineering at the professional level in many countries including Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia and others.

Non‐enzymatic synthesis of ubiquitin chains: Where chemistry makes a difference.

“Chemical Process Synthesis and Engineering Design”

"I am delighted that Lei has been recognized with a CAREER Award. The combination of creative synthetic methods and establishment of important structure-property relationships should afford molecular systems with novel structures and properties previously inaccessible. The potential applications of his work will have broad impact and influence in disciplines beyond chemistry."

Recent extensions to native chemical ligation for the chemical synthesis of peptides and proteins.

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Carrington has over 20 years of experience in the industrial and chemical sectors providing business leadership, management, technology and commercialization solutions in a range of roles spanning technology management, business development, M&A analysis and execution, venture capital, open innovation, intellectual asset management and IP licensing. Carrington joined MPD Chemicals in February of 2014, as CEO. Prior to MPD Chemicals, Carrington held various leadership and managerial roles at Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. for over 20 years, creating value for advanced technologies, business case construction, valuations, contract negotiation, building company relationships, and making the complex simple. He also directed initiatives with start-ups and other large companies to generate collaborative relationships and generate business growth.

The educational objectives of the BTech (Chemical Engineering) programme are to:


Nov 1984 – Oct 1985, Fellow in Advanced Research Program in Bioenergy Institut fur Biochemische Technologie und Mikrobiologie Technical University of Vienna, Austria