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Conservation of wildlife, from butterflies to birds, is a key goal of oak and prairie habitat restoration. However, we often don’t know how wildlife respond to our restoration efforts. The Oregon Wildlife Institute synthesized information on wildlife associations in these habitat types of the Willamette Valley. We first identified vertebrate species that are strongly associated with grasslands and oak woodlands, then highlighted their ecology and approaches to their conservation. From our synthesis of existing literature, we examine the limitations of research and monitoring approaches, and suggest alternative directions for future efforts.

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Literature synthesis / review / research design

The goal of this project was to compile and synthesize existing Alaska boreal forest fire history literature and datasets. This includes a literature review and synthesis of publications related to fire regimes in boreal forests in Alaska (the pending general technical report "Fire Regimes of the Alaskan Boreal Forest"), and incorporation of the reference information into the . Fourteen existing published and unpublished fire history (or stand age) datasets were compiled (and as necessary, processed) into the standardized , and data summarized by plot are available through a dynamic map interface (within the ). Data compiled in the Alaska Fire History Database has also been submitted to the (IMPD). Finally, some of the project funds were used to clean up and improve data within the , a database started in the early 1990s that includes reported fire locations since 1939 and fire perimeters since 1942.

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(zip; 2.5 MB) the draft literature review and synthesis. Below, get more information about the fire history studies included in the Alaska Fire History Database and the "Fire Regimes of the Alaskan Boreal Forest" literature review and synthesis. (pdf; 2.1 MB) the final report to the JFSP.

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Effective public participation can be identified by the degree to which consensus is able to emerge from the gathering, sharing, and processing of pertinent information by and with all the relevant parties (Rowe and Frewer, 2005). The literature provides numerous examples of effective engagement of public values in making natural-resources policy decisions.

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Plants produce their own natural insecticides, some of whichcause cancer in lab animals (hydrazine in mushrooms, caffeic acid inmany fruits and vegetables, lots of things in pepper.)These naturally-occurring known experimental carcinogensare tolerated in quantities that are orders of magnitude higher thanwhat we allow for pesticide residues, of course for political reasons (see the Amesreferences below).The Environmental Protection Agency is charged with setting the allowablelimits for various synthetic chemicals in air, food, and water.