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The tests of market efficiency on the Romanian capital market have been carried out in the context of some aspects of this market less favorable, such as the relative short recent history of the BSE and the lack of liquidity.Generally, the early tests for return predictability for short horizons from past returns provide evidence that does not sustain the existence of the weak form of the efficient market hypothesis.

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On Friday, August 21, 1998, the world's most prestigious hedge fund,Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM), virtually collapsed, ultimately resulting in itsinvestors' losing over 90% of the capital they had put into it.Though accepted as established fact by many, for investors needingfurther evidence of the validity of the "efficient market hypotheses" (EMH), thesaga of LTCM provides an excellent example.The Efficient Market HypothesisThe efficient market hypothesis is a theory, based upon countlessscientific studies, of how the securities markets work.

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Are we market timing? I suppose. It’s the lesser of two evils—I’d rather violate the efficient market hypothesis than ignore appealing expected returns with a relatively short time horizon.

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i.e., that prices can be greater than or less than true value, ..

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