Surgery on L5 S1 after Months of Chronic Left Leg Pain

I had my first diskectomy L5/S1 in January 2017. Recovery went well and I was pretty much pain free. That lasted about six months, I started to feel the same symptoms as I did prior to the first surgery. My surgeons team sent me back for six more weeks of pt. My pain increased and I was urinating more frequently, Only after my therapist told me that they did not feel they could help me , my surgeon requested another MRI, which confirmed that the disc was ruptured again and the S1 nerve was totally compressed. So on September 2017, I had a redo L5/S1 surgery. Now recovering from that the pain has recurred and I have another MRI scheduled. This is a real bummer!!! I fearful that we are going to go through this all over!

Lower back pain; Sciatic pain (one/both leg aching after ..

of the spine will usually relieve the patient’s leg pain immediately after the back surgery

Your Back Pain May Be Worse after Having Back Surgery

I went through a bilateral laminectomy on l4, l5, and s1. It has been three weeks and I have had a staph infection the past two weeks. I have a lot of pain on the incision area and especially on the left side. I am suppose to return to work next week but I am unable to sit in a chair for any period of time due to the pain. When I lay down it sometimes feels like there is a metal rod directly on the incision and I have to alternate just to find any comfort. Is this usual feelings following the surgery? Should I be concerned? I have tingling in my ring finger on my left hand and down my legs into my feet. I am really scared the surgery did not work and I am now going to have much worse pain in my back then before. Am I paranoid or is this what it feels like when the surgery does not work. This is a workers comp case and they are not as helpful as I would have expected.

Your Back Pain May Be Worse After Having Back Surgery

I had surgery on my back for a herniated and buldging disc in my lower back i hurt my back at work in april 2011 and had surgery september 2011 4 months after my surgery my doctor sent me back to work even though i had numbness in my left leg had nerve problems when my body will flap like a fish and my back was in more pain than it was before i had surgery. i went back to work and a deep shock pain shot through my spine and went through my whole body my neck,knees,ankles and hands and i cant do nothing active i cant walk or sit or stand for more than 15 minutes im only 22 years old but if i try to do anything active i cant even walk afterwards and i cant sleep at night i dont go to sleep until between 2 to 5am in the morning and it hurt so bad just to lifth my body up to get out of the bed i never felt this much pain in my life and my doctor who did my surgery want even see me no more i need help i dont feel like my back will ever heal but i pray everyday that it will and this september 23rd will make a year since i had surgery and i feel horrible what should i do and i have constally shock pain shooting through my spine and my joints

16/12/2010 · Has anyone had leg pain after lumbar spinal fusion surgery
my surgeon said there might still be some leg pain after surgery but surely they would ..

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I am going through horrible depression from the loss of using my foot, guess I am mourning the loss of it. My husband does nothing but call me lazy and worthless and even though been shown on MRI my problems still does not believe it. He refused to take me to PT after surgery saying they are just quacks and if I wanted to do those type of exercises look them up on the internet for free. My surgery left me in horrible pain to which my surgeon said it was not his problem he did surgery not pain and aftercare and he sent me off to a pain clinic, thank God. I was suicidal and my pain doctor saved my life.

16/06/2010 · After my fusion surgery I had no leg pain for several months

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I just whent under a refusion + laminectomy on l4 to s1 and a hemilaminotomy + facetectomy and fusion l3 to l4 5 weeks ago Pre surgery I had severe pain from the top of my hips all the way to my toes on both legs front and sides when I layed down I was told that I must get up and put a brace on 2 hours after I woke up but that did not happen the hospital did not have the brace untill 3 and a half days later I was stuck in bed for that time and the pain in the legs got worse every hour because I was not allowed to get up Once I was able to get up it stopped the pain but as soon as I layed downed Do you think that because I was not able to get out of bed and had to lay there making the pain more severe every hour has something to do with the surgery not helping at all I have had 8 other fusions on my spine and all of them made the pain go away 100% I was even able to go back to work 2 to 3 weeks after the first 5 surgerys And I was a production welder I can’t lay down anymore at all

Some patients may elect to have surgery if their lower back pain has not improved after 6-12 weeks on nonsurgical treatment.

the bones may begin to press on nerves and surgery may ..

I had an L5S1 microdiscectomy 8/29/12. My only symptom was a numb foot and 3 doctors said the surgery would be my best chance for recovery. Now almost 6 months later and I now have excruciating left lower back pain and what feels like hot coals on my knee and thigh…and my foot is still numb. 2nd MRI shows nothing and the surgeon has said he can’t do anything to help. Quality of life is pretty bad. I am only 63 and wonder if this is it for the rest of my life. I did have symptoms in the same area before the surgery occasionally which had never been diagnosed but nothing like this. This is simply awful. I was an idiot to let myself be talked into this operation. Something must have occured in the OR to cause my symptoms (which I started to notice right after surgery.) I am hoping that maybe a nerve got tweaked and will work itself out but after 6 months I am getting more and more depressed. Have never taken any pain meds but may have to consider it if I want to go on living.