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Since CO2 is essential to a plant’s ability to carry out photosynthesis, it will be the variable tested.

Using the floating disk technique in our experiment to measure the rate of photosynthesis, spinach leaves will be submerged in a concentration of CO2 and a concentration of water.

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The rate of photosynthesis actually seemed to be picking up around the 9th and 10th leaf, this could mean another experiment with more than 10 leaves should follow to see how much higher the rate will increase and when it will finally start declining.


A reasonable extension of this experiment would be to observe the maximum temperature that a leaf disc can photosynthesize without denaturing its enzymes.

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Control- Spinach Leafs sunk in 0.2% H2O solution with dish soap added in 3 cm of H2O in a plastic cup.
Experimental-Spinach Leafs sunk in 0.2% sodium bicarbonate solution with dish soap sunk in 0.2% bicarbonate solution.
dependant variable-Rate of photosynthesis or number of leaf discs floating
independant variable-Heat and no heat.

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Observation and Results
Investigative question: How does the temperature of NaHCo3 affect the rate of photosynthesis?
Hypothesis: If the temperature of the baking soda solution in the beaker increases then the rate of which leaves float will increase as well.
Chemical Equation of Photosynthesis
big beaker
plastic disposables pipette
3 round bowls
hot plate
ice cubes
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Post Lab
Our hypothesis was “if the temperature of the baking soda solution increases, then the number of discs floating would increase at a faster rate.

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