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With the research supporting both sides, and as Pubmed continues to pile out information regarding Branch Chain Amino Acids it is pretty clear that they do have benefits and they can also be a pricy investment given you match the standards above. My overall consensus on Branch Chains is that they should be viewed as a luxury. Supplements are exactly that, they supplement your diet and training as many of the individual above would agree. If you have money to spare on top of covering your basic supplements (whey, creatine, multi-vitamin, and fish-oils) then I would invest in a branch chain product to dose for my workouts. The benefits showed during resistance exercise/training is only going to help that individual in the long run. If you do have the money to dose as Layne Norton has showed in his MPS study then that would also be icing on the cake.

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Now my last stance on why these are important is a different method of dosing Branch Chain Amino’s Acids. A very smart individual named Layne Norton who is a competing natural pro, studies Branch Chains for a living, and is a very strong power lifter has put in quite a bit of research and has conducted a Muscle protein Synthesis study that shows how important these can be towards MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis).

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In his research he had individuals dose Amino acids between further spaced out meals. The current dogma that is preached in bodybuilding is eating every 2-3 hours to speed up the metabolism and keep the body in an anabolic state just got overturned with Layne’s research. He showed that eating more times per day decreased muscle protein synthesis due to the fact that there are still present Amino’s in the bloodstream and the constant spiking of protein without letting it reach its refractory stages did not have greater muscle protein synthesis compared to eating every 4-6 hours and dosing at least 3g of leucine (found in BCAA products or bulk leucine powder) is all that is needed to maximize the anabolic response of a meal. For example lets look at certain foods, which would produce around the same amount of leucine. Beef and Pork weighed in around 5.5 oz, approximately 5 large eggs, a little over 1 scoop of whey protein (getting around 27-30g of protein), or 7oz of fish would also provide the optimal amount of leucine to be eaten at your meals that would be further spaced apart and the Branch Chain/Leucine dosage in between.

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