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For each publication, give a complete literature reference, indicating the authors and the title of the article or publication as well as the publisher.

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The question is: does anyone have a minimal working example for this case using latex+bibtex?

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Anders Ekberg, Predicting fretting fatigue of railway wheel-axle assemblies – a state-of-the-art survey, Chalmers Applied Mechanics, Report 2004:10, 38 pp, 2004, see . The paper basically uses the standard Article (koma-script) template. A condensed version published in IMechE J Rail & Rapid Transit (vol 218, pp 299–316, 2004)

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The total number of publications listed inside the environment is calculated and the page numbers for the publications sections are stored. So I have the following line in the Research section of my CV:

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that could be a lot of work you are asking the student to undertake, but you may feel that the thesis isn’t passable without that. can a systematic review of a specific research question be included as a publication in my thesis? do i need to have been enrolled from a certain date in order to include a publication in my thesis?’m very new to this, so please forgive the dumb question, but what is the difference between; a) completing my phd in 3 years without publishing, then focusing a year on publications (presumably as developments from my completed phd thesis), and; b) taking 4 years to do my phd, including approx 1 year spent producing publications at the same time? in fact my thesis started off as a paper that just blew way out and i realised it was a thesis! it’s been published in a journal, can i still use it in my thesis? paramount consideration is that the material presented for examination should equate to that which would otherwise be presented using the traditional thesis format. you can use the figure in your thesis without completing the forms but you should acknowledge the origin of the figure in the preface. can see a difference from the perspective of my supervisors (as highlighted earlier by lesley) for whom it would be better to be involved as my supervisors while i’m publishing, but from my student perspective, i can see advantages in getting my phd qualification completed first to be qualified sooner, then using more thoroughly-developed writing from my thesis as the start of my publications. the format of your thesis and whether it includes publications depends on your discipline and thesis content and structure. can i include my published protocol paper in the methods section of the thesis? suitability i published work which is relevant to my thesis prior to my enrolment.

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Chris Staecker (2005) told me that the margin lady doesn’t like lists of tables or lists of figures that are empty (if you have no tables or figures). Fix: find in the style file where to comment out the code that generates these lists (see the comment from David Sherman above for what to look for). Alternative fix: didn’t you really want to add that figure or table? :-)

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Also I think from Michael Pan (2003): The thesis/dissertaion advisor told me that figure captions no longer need to be double spaced. In fact, she recommended I make them single spaced. By setting baselinestretch to one before the figure caption (and back to the original value after). [Another approach: use the doublespace package in LaTeX2e. -johnh] This works fine for the figures that appear in the text, but the captions in the “list of figures” in the intro pages are still double spaced.

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According to Michael Pan (2003), ``I met with the thesis advisor today, and she noted one thing that needed to be changed about the template-while footnotes can be single spaced, the spacing between footnote entries need to be double spaced.’’ He recommends applying to change that.