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All Lands’ End swimsuits are made with impeccable quality. This is why we stand behind our company’s promise that all items are Guaranteed Period.

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We’ve been offering options with prosthesis pockets for breast cancer survivors for over 10 years.

Mastectomy Swimsuits at Lands’ End

It’s hard enough for most women to find swimsuits that fit their bodies properly, but for breast cancer survivors, it can be even tougher. Lands’ End wanted every woman to feel confident while she went out in the sun, so they created a custom mastectomy swimwear line that’s entirely dedicated to breast cancer survivors. In addition, many of their other collections, including plus-size and petite, have mastectomy options.

options with prosthesis pockets for breast cancer ..

And you want to make sure that the mastectomy swimsuits you’re looking at allow your prosthesis or breast form to be worn on either side, or on both sides, depending on your individual situation and needs.

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Mastectomy Swimwear at Lands’ End

cancer survivors with a fantastic line of mastectomy bathing suits.