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With about hundred thousand cases per year, the replacement of the knee joint with an artificial joint has become one of the most common orthopedic surgeries in Germany. Due to technical developments and comprehensive surgical experience a joint replacement for advanced osteoarthritis usually shows excellent results. The lifetime of an artificial knee joint (endoprosthesis) is today estimated to be 15 years and often even longer.

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In principle, there is not "good" and "bad" endoprosthesis. The ideal type of prosthesis and the appropriate prosthesis size must be chosen according to the individual requirements and needs of the patient. A difference is made between a complete joint replacement (full prosthesis) and a partial joint replacement (Sled Prosthesis) when the knee joint is worn only on the inside. A full prosthesis is required if the wear of the joint affects several parts of the joint or there is a strong deformation of the joint due to osteoarthritis. If a more extensive damage of the knee joint ligaments exists an axially supported knee endoprosthesis should be chosen.

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The replacement of the knee joint by an endoprosthesis should definitely be considered if despite a conservative treatment of degenerative arthritis (see arthrosis / osteoarthritis) the quality of life of the person concerned is permanently disrupted by increasing pain. Specifically, this means that only in strong progressive osteoarthritis and only if the pain can no longer be tolerated, a replacement of the joint should be looked at as an option. If these criteria are met, joint replacements can also be done in young people. Timing is a critical factor when replacing a knee joint. On one hand, the durability of an artificial joint is limited (approx. 15 – 20 years); on the other hand it can improve the quality of life and mobility of the patient significantly.

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If conserving the joint is not an option for technical reasons or because of the age of the patient, and all other conservative and surgical options (physiotherapy, painkillers, joint irrigation etc.) have been exhausted, a total knee endoprosthesis is carried out.

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Modern knee endoprostheses as fitted these days are classified as resurfacing implants, as only the worn cartilage surfaces are replaced, while preserving the patient's own knee ligament structure if possible. Basically, knee prostheses are divided into the following types:

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In order to provide a secure hold of the anterior cruciate ligament (5), the knee endoprosthesis is designed and developed in such a way that the medial component (3) and the lateral component (4) can be coupled by means of a connecting element (6) that can be placed dorsally with respect to the anterior cruciate ligament (5).