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At present, the journal is published by Organic Syntheses, Inc, and an annual print version is published by John Wiley & Sons on behalf of Organic Syntheses, Inc.

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The scopes of the journal include, but are not limited to, the following topics: analytical, inorganic, organic, materials, nuclear and physical chemistry as well as neurochemistry and biochemistry. It provides an academic platform for professionals and researchers to contribute innovative work in the field.

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The international scientific journal Organic Letters serves as the international forum for the communication of important research in all branches of the theory and practice of: organic chemistry (including organometallic and materials chemistry); physical and theoretical organic chemistry; natural products isolation and synthesis; new synthetic methodology; bioorganic and medicinal chemistry.

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It publishes papers on organic reaction mechanism, theoretical organic chemistry, structure-activity relationships, medicinal chemistry, synthesis of chiral compounds, bio-organic chemistry, enzymes in organic synthesis, reagents in organic synthesis, heterocyclic compounds, phytochemistry (natural products), amino acids, peptides and proteins, spectroscopy in characterization of organic compounds, chemoenzymatic and enantioselective synthesis of organic compounds, synthesis of fullerenes, metal-catalyzed asymmetric reactions, bioactive plant products and combinatorial chemistry.

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The first is a four-pamphlet set called Organic Chemical Reagents, which quickly bought by chemists. Many people wants to know more about the organic syntheses and were eager for serial publication, and the the first annual volume of Organic Syntheses was thus published in 1921.

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Australian Journal of Chemistry - an International Journal for Chemical Science publishes research papers from all fields of chemical science, with a focus on multidisciplinary chemistry and emerging areas of research.

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The international scientific journal reports original work in the broad field of process chemistry encompassing aspects of organic chemistry, catalysis, analytical chemistry, and chemical engineering, with special focus on the development and optimisation of chemical reactions and processes and their transfer to a larger scale, via large laboratory and pilot plant operations, for manufacture.