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Indications for the application of an alloplastic prosthesis for the replacement of the mandibular condyle are extremely rare. Whenever possible, the reconstruction of the mandibular joint should be performed with autogenous material. Under certain conditions, however, it may be necessary to use a metal prosthesis. During the 20 years between 1974 and 1994, we treated 17 patients with 21 alloplastic prosthesis, mostly made out of steel. At the moment the use of an AO/ASIF alloplastic joint prosthesis is now permitted in the United States because they are FDA approved, currently as a 2.4 mm titanium locking reconstruction plate with condylar head right and left as 3×16, 4×18, and 5×20 hole sizes, and 2.4 mm titanium condylar plates 8 holes right and left (see Chapter 22).1–11

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Posterior referencing and down sizing femur 2. Internal rotation femur / medial notching Results Ritter et al JBJS Am 2005 - 325 / 1098 (30%) notched femurs with 5 year follow up - only 2 supracondylar fractures both in femurs that were't notched Fracture location Femur - proximal to femoral prosthesis - distal to femoral prosthesis / reduced amount of distal bone for fixation Tibia Prosthesis stability Bone stock Suitability of femoral implant for IMN Indication For minimally displaced fractures Results High rates of nonunion / malunion / stiffness - Better outcomes with operation unless significant co-morbidities 1. Lateral locking plate 2. Retrograde IM nail 3. Anterograde IM Nail 4. Revision TKR Technique Minimally invasive technique - may need unicortical screws distally Results Kolb et al J Trauma 2010 - 19 patients treated with LISS plate - 2 delayed union - otherwise good union rate with minimal complications and good ROM Streubel JBJS Br 2010 - compared proximal fractures to distal (beyond the femoral prosthesis) - showed similar healing rates in each group treated with locking plates Complications Non union Issue May be biomechanically superior Have to open TKR to perform operation - risk deep infection Indications Technically feasible - CR knees contra-indicated - must have sufficient sized hole in PS femoral component - consult company as to suitablity - small diameter nail Technique Minimum intercondylar distance of 12 mm - AGC 18MM - PFC = 20MM - Genesis = 20MM Usually remove polyethylene component - replace after nail - usually need new poly Indications - sufficient bone above implant for distal locking Issues - stress riser between femoral implant and nail - must ensure correct alignment Indications - very distal fracture - insufficient bone stock - loose prosthesis Components - stemmed, constrained implant - tumour prosthesis Case 1

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TMJ reconstruction with stock Biomet TMJ prosthesis was performed in four patients who had joint damages by trauma, tumor, resorption, and ankylosis, which represent the indications of alloplastic prosthesis.

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Loss of condyle from trauma and resorption of joint are good indications for prosthesis, but the patients should be informed about limitation of jaw movement. In case of structural damage of TMJ by tumor, tumor recurrence should be considered before planning TMJ reconstruction. Considering heterotopic bone formation in case of ankylosis, periodic follow-up and special surgical technique are required.

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TMJ reconstruction with alloplastic prosthesis is indicated in cases of specific TMJ conditions and pathology with irreversible joint damage. Given careful treatment planning and understanding the functional limitation of TMJ prosthesis, alloplastic prosthesis is a safe and effective management option for the reconstruction of TMJs.