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This module covers mathematical topics such as algebra, functions, geometry and trigonometry, and an introduction to the techniques of calculus. Students are generally expected to have prior knowledge comparable to that obtained from having taken AS-level or A2-level Mathematics (if taking the module in Semester 1), or to have already completed the SEF014 module (if taking the module in Semester 2). SEFP students must register for either SEF014 (Semester 1) and SEF001 (Semester 2), or SEF001 (Semester 1) and SEF002 (Semester 2), according to the assignments made by the Academic Director, SEFP.

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Lean Manufacturing is the most used method for continues improvement of business.

JIT is the technique of supplying ..

Cat dealers around the world create a significant competitive edge for us – and we view each other as partners. We expect them to provide superior sales and after-sales services. They expect us to provide them with consistently high-quality, state-of-the-art products. To make sure we can hold up our end of this bargain, we’ve invested billions to bring our factory systems and processes into the realm of high technology and, in doing so, changed the focus of our manufacturing operations from push to pull – from building inventories that customers might order to building products that customers have ordered. We streamlined material flow, pulling through in-process material. Huge high-rise storage facilities – which were thought to be vital to operations – became obsolete. Logistical control of in-process material became the heartbeat of our operations.

(JIT) is the best manufacturing technique.

But in today’s world – and certainly in the world of the 21st century – hard assets can be copied, and indeed often are, in shorter and shorter periods of time. Manufacturing and technical expertise can be studied – and duplicated. For that reason, we believe the real key to Caterpillar’s future success lies in distribution. For many industries, I would strongly suggest that in an increasingly global economy, it is distribution that will separate the winners from the losers. Let me elaborate. Caterpillar’s distribution system, which is a well-established worldwide network of independently owned dealers, is usually cited as our most distinctive competitive advantage. Why? Because each one of our dealers – almost 200 of them – provides real value to our customers.

Continuous Process for the Manufacture of Lactide and Lactide Polymers.
This paper discusses recent progress of the advanced soft coordinate nanometrology techniques.

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In Nigeria in general there is not room enough for most business activities especially in our major cities and industrial areas, reduction of inventories is therefore a welcomed idea. In Onitsha for example, many industries and marketers have their warehouses situated kilometres away from the main factory or market. The cost is enormous yet commitment to consumers is becoming the most decisive factor on who get what in the market. Consumers’ satisfaction has become a priority- costumers need quality goods and services at their beck and call. Anambra Motor Manufacturing Company (ANAMMCO), one of the Nigerian motor assembly companies, located at an industrial layout in Enugu is used in this research to tell the Nigerian story. In this study, visitations, careful observations, interviews were embarked upon to be able to account for the level of JIT implementation, setbacks and solutions in Nigerian motor assembly companies.

Experimental investigations on EDM using Taguchi technique of process parameters.

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The module details the latest developments and breakthroughs in characterization techniques used to examine common types of materials. These techniques are varied but focus on high resolution imaging and structural information as well as methods to measure the physical properties of materials. Core topics investigate advanced scanning probe microscopy to image surfaces and provide a wealth of physical information, mechanical testing small volumes using nanoindentation, electron imaging and sample preparation using focussed ion beam methods and X-ray scattering used in biological tissue. Topics are delivered by experts in the field.

Hence in this paper, we proposed a novel technique which is based of one-time Draw-a-secret method.

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E-commerce isn’t just credit-card processing. For us, e-commerce is the combination of marketing, sales, making a deal, getting the money and after-sales support, because it can all be done electronically. When you hear about e-commerce, some will tell you how much money will be transacted over the Web. That’s the financial part. But, for customer retention purposes, companies that pay attention to customers know that it costs six times more to get a new customer than to retain one. And, we know from our studies, that companies that focus with great zeal on customer service and customer retention enjoy better profits. A 5% increase in customer satisfaction yields a 25% return for companies in the financial securities and insurance sectors. In distribution and manufacturing it’s 45%. And, for banking, it’s 140%.