JBL Synthesis uses a patented and fully integrated technology called ARCOS, which stands for Adaptive Room Correction and Optimization Systems. It distributes high-resolution sound with little to no variation of bass response from seat to seat. Using 8 microphones, four individual subwoofers, and a slightly curved design, JBL Synthesis synchronizes with the speakers in the room to deliver a perfect calibration of sound.

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Suggested retail pricing for a JBL Synthesis Array Three system begins at $35,000.

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At Big Fish, we get excited about the ‘next big thing’ in audio just as much as anyone, but when it comes to JBL Synthesis standard, there really is no competition. As the only home theater audio system to win an Oscar and two Grammys, Harman’s JBL Synthesis is not only a leading brand in sound quality, it is the frontline of cinematic performance. They are the best audio brand in the market across all platforms.

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Your home theater audio system should show your adventurous side. JBL Synthesis does that for you by creating realistic sound that transports you right into the movie; one minute you are part of the crowd, cheering the hero on as he makes the winning touch down, and the next you are on the edge of your seat as the passenger of a high-speed chase. No matter what you choose to watch, the experience will be magnified with JBL Synthesis audio.

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JBL Synthesis systems are covered by a two -year limited warranty for electronics, and a five -year limited warranty for loudspeakers, and are backed up with a domestic 48 -hour "no downtime" guarantee.

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