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Feminist pragmatist, social settlement leader, and Nobel Laureate, Jane Addams (1860-1935) was a charismatic world leader with an innovative intellectual legacy in sociology and one of the most important sociologists in the world. From 1890 to 1935, she led dozens of women in sociology, although after 1920 most of these women were forced out of sociology and into other fields such as social work, applied psychology, and pedagogy.

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Addams was granted a 25 year, rent-free lease by Hull's confidential secretary, Helen Culver, and by the heirs to the Hull fortune, who were enthusiastic about Jane's efforts on behalf of the poor.

Jane Addams and Ellen Starr Gates opened the house in 1889 to educate and improve the lot of the newly arrived European immigrants.

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Please review the attachment below..Document Preview:CLASSICAL SOCIAL THEORY TERM PAPER Guidelines to Structure and Organization Please consider that I chose a topic on Jane Addams Research Paper Guidelines Although the paper length is relatively short (8-10 pages), that does not mean that your papers content should be terse, superficial, or abbreviated in any way.

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The website is completely searchable and contains more than 900 separate texts, including correspondence, newspaper articles, unpublished memoirs, magazine and journal articles, maps, and hundreds of images of historic significance for documenting the life and times of Jane Addams, the history of the social settlement movement and of Hull-House, and the history of the Near West Side neighborhood and its immigrant communities.

Besides this Introduction page, the website is divided into six major sections: , , , , , and .

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Jane Addams was born on September 6, 1860, in Freeport Illinois. Her father, who was a Quaker, a senator and a mill owner, was her greatest influence. In 1879 she attended Rockford Female seminary, at the time a pioneering college for women, where she excelled. The schools strong religious content did not stick with Addams, however she did explore spirituality and it could be assumed that the strong theme of morals in her work was influenced by this place. She graduated in 1881 as valedictorian of her class. The years between her graduation and 1888 were spent uneasily for Addams. Her fathers death in august of 1881 left her depressed and uneasy. She had a college education but she was unsure of her place in the world and its meaning. She attempted more school, but dropped out before her first year was over. Returning home, she found herself lost in the pressures of family to join society through marriage. As an escape she traveled to Europe in 1883. Upon returning to the states Addams was sick on and off for two years, and was continually pressured to join society through

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The twelve chapters are:

Each of the chapters contains an interpretive narrative, selected essays and images, and a great variety of historical texts including relevant letters, memoirs, newspaper and magazine articles, popular literature, political tracts and cartoons.

The contains an animated photo biography of Jane Addams that runs with Flash player 6.0.

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This is a biographical exercise and the focus should be on the life of my chosen theorist (Jane Addams), their educational experience, major works and contributions to the discipline of sociology.