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I will use examples from the film The Ballad of Narayam, and James Rachels’ “The Challenge of Cultural Relativism” to illustrate why moral relativism should be rejected, and deontology should be accepted.

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13/08/2015 · The Challenge Of Cultural Relativism by James Rachels
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James rachels the challenge of cultural relativism essay

Rachels as well believes that “certain basic values are common to all cultures.” I agree with Rachels in that culture relativism cannot assure us that there is no knowledge of what is right or wrong....

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Subjective relativism is also able to provide a seemingly more acceptable verdict in the case of reformers who challenge or reject the values of their culture. Because conventional relativism subordinates the will of the individual to the will of the culture or society, it seems that little room is left over for individuals to make their own, autonomous decisions about how they ought to live their lives. Conventional relativism says that anyone who challenges the values of their society will be in the wrong. Subjective relativism, however, says that what is right for you is up to you. Regardless of what the majority says or what anyone else in your culture thinks, you are the one who should decide what kind of lifestyle or what kind of values you will adopt. If you want to be a reformer and you want to challenge the society around you, subjective relativism says you are acting rightly if you are true to yourself.

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