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Unfortunately, such has not been the case and the result of which is often the proposal of extravagant hypotheses on the origins of Islam.[4] What makes this situation particularly bizarre is that the Western scholars have access to what can be called a treasure-trove of documentary evidence when compared with other major world religions.

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Here is a concrete example of analysis using the Documentary Hypothesis: The Flood Story in J and P

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The documentarians have not updated the documentary hypothesis to take this into account, so we still find them assigning very late dates to their hypothetical sources of the Torah....

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Even the most ardent advocate of the documentary theory must admit that we have as yet no single scrap of external, objective evidence for either the existence or the history of J, E, or any other alleged source-document..' (p.

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Any scientific observation must be corroborated by outside evidence and any scientific procedure must be tested with a control group. Since the documentary hypothesis has no external corroboration and its methods have never been tested on documents whose literary history is wholly known, we must conclude that the documentary hypothesis is conjectural at best.

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As it stands, however, the Documentary Hypothesis gained respectability and currency in the German university system in the late 1800s, tragically just in time for the anti-Semitic rhetoric of the Nazi party, which was founded in 1919. The Nazis, borrowing from the growing scholarly consensus that the Torah consisted of myth and legend, used this scholarly climate to invalidate both Judaism and the Old Testament. The Nazis promoted a revised form of Christianity called Deutsches Christentum, in which they replaced the Old Testament with Germanic myths and legends. Deutsches Christentum never caught on with the public, but since it epitomized the beliefs of the leadership of the Nazi party, it contributed to the martyrdom of a number of famous German Christians. The most important fact to remember here is that the Documentary Hypothesis, whether by design or by accident, gave theological aid and comfort to the people who turned on the gascocks in the concentration camps. If you are not convinced by my essay to abandon the Documentary Hypothesis, then at least be aware that it may cause unintended anti-Semitic side effects and take measures to forestall them.

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Literary analysis, properly applied, does not corroborate the documentary hypothesis. The covenant between God and Israel follows, with appropriate modifications, the form of a suzerainty treaty, which defined the relationship between a conqueror and a conquered people. Suzerainty treaties of this type existed during the time that the Torah purports to have been written. At the time that the documentarians theorize the Torah’s alleged constituent documents were written, this type of suzerainty treaty had not been used for centuries. It is unclear how the writers could have gained such accurate knowledge of an obsolete literary form or what their motivation could have been in using it. It is also unclear how the literary features of the suzerainty treaty could have survived a complex editing process by editors who were largely unaware of the form that they accidentally preserved. It is like supposing that a Shakespearean sonnet in Elizabethan English was the unwitting product when twenty-first-century editors harmonized nineteenth-century documents from various different sources.

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Another premise undergirding the documentary hypothesis is the assertion that supernatural events, such as are depicted in the Torah, categorically do not occur. This is an unscientific statement because it is not falsifiable; that is, it can never be refuted, even hypothetically. If we say that the supernatural never occurs, then we would reject real supernatural events before we would reconsider our statement. The documentary hypothesis tests the evidence; the reverse of the scientific method, in which the evidence tests the hypothesis. If this premise were true, then it would follow that the supernatural events are mundane events that have become exaggerated with time. It is possible for an entirely fictional story to become the foundation of a nation—we have only to look to Switzerland, where Schiller’s story of William Tell has become historical fact in the minds of most Swiss. We have no method of determining that William Tell is a fictional story just by analyzing Schiller’s work; we must research the matter historically. The documentarians fail to seek external corroboration, which is a serious lapse in scientific procedure, and they assume in the beginning the conclusion they seek to prove, which is an elemental error in logic.