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. The chemical reaction by which plants produce complex food molecules (sugars) requires an energy input (i.e., from sunlight) to occur. In this reaction, carbon dioxide and water combine to form carbon-based organic molecules and release oxygen. (Boundary: Further details of the photosynthesis process are not taught at this grade level.)

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in the direct light reactions of photosynthesis.

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But before the first photosynthesizing organisms appeared about 2.4 billion years ago, the atmosphere likely contained mostly carbon dioxide, as is the case today on Mars and Venus.Over the past 40 years, researchers have thought that there must have been a small amount of oxygen in the early atmosphere.Where did this abiotic ("non-life") oxygen come from?

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Formation dynamics of carbonic acid as function of base concentration: 0.25 M (red), 0.5 M (green) and 0.8 M (blue). At the highest base concentration the early time dynamics is dominated by encounter pair reactions, at longer pulse delay the dynamics is governed by diffusional motions of photoacid and base. The experimentally found reaction rate for the protonation of bicarbonate (red dot) is only consistent with previously obtained protonation rates of carboxylate bases CH3-xClxCOO- (blue triangles) and HCOO-(black square) when the real acidity for carbonic acid is used: pKa = 3.45 ± 0.15. In contrast the effective value for CO2/H2O cannot be used for the results obtained with the ultrafast protonation experiment.

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