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While peri-workout amino acids have a subtle effect on protein synthesis, protein intake still causes an insulin response. This is important, because insulin is a powerful inhibitor of protein degradation.

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Naturally, if insulin is able to extend or amplify the post-workout burst in protein synthesis, .

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Although some studies looking specifically at resistance exercise-induced protein synthesis have shown that the addition of carbs to amino acids doesn't result in an additive effect on protein synthesis when ample amounts of amino acids are ingested, you have to look closely at the experimental model when applying research to the real world.

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It's well established that the mechanical stress from training and leucine/EAAs synergistically amplify protein synthesis. Likewise, insulin may contribute to the overall burst in protein synthesis by turning on mTOR through the PI3K/akt pathway.

T1 - Growth hormone stimulates skeletal muscle protein synthesis and antagonizes insulin's antiproteolytic action in humans

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This originally came as quite a surprise, because insulin is a potent activator of protein synthesis. Insulin activates mTOR by way of PI3K/akt signaling, which is parallel to the pathways used by amino acids and mechanical stress to activate mTOR.

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More recent studies looking at a more general model for protein synthesis show that insulin + amino acids can have a synergistically positive effect on protein synthesis, causing the greatest mTOR activation together!

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It's been shown conclusively in the literature that insulin signaling isn't needed to turn on training-induced protein synthesis – just leucine is required, which suggests that carbs aren't important.

Comparable values are obtained for muscle protein synthesis when estimated by the FSR/FBR technique or by the A‐V/biopsy technique.

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That doesn't mean we should discount carbs as far as protein synthesis goes; they increase insulin levels, which may still be important. Muscles are primed for increased protein synthesis for 24+ hours after training, but the acute burst in protein synthesis that occurs as a result of training or amino acid intake only lasts for a few hours.

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Studies have found that both local hyperinsulinemia and the ingestion of carbs inhibits protein breakdown, with little to no effect on protein synthesis. When this was looked at specifically in the post-workout period, it was found that .

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Although insulin signaling may not be needed for that burst in protein synthesis that occurs in the hours after a workout, there's more to the story.