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The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) at University of Florida (UF) offers Master of Science and Master of Engineering degrees, each with a thesis or non-thesis option (chosen when admitted). Each program comes with great flexibility in terms of courses and delivery methods to meet the academic goals of full time students as well as working professionals.

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PR: Consent. Supervised practice in college teaching of industrial and management systems engineering. Note: This course is intended to insure that graduate assistants are adequately prepared and supervised when they are given college teaching responsibility. It will also present a mechanism for students not on assistantships to gain teaching experience. (Grading will be S/U.).

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The engineering profession is a foundation for a variety of careers in industry, medicine, law, government, and consulting. On average, 93-98 percent of graduates are employed in their field of study or pursuing advanced education within seven months of graduation.

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Our most popular online master's, this program allows you the choice to specialize in biomedical, computational, engineering management and leadership, integrated vehicle systems, quality, aeronautics and astronautics, electrical and computer, industrial, computer science, or mechanical engineering.

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The paramount requirement of a doctoral degree is the successful completion of a thesis on a subject within Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. Research areas may include the investigation of the mathematical foundations of and computational methods for optimization or stochastic models, including risk analysis. Research also may be undertaken to develop methodologies for the design, planning, and/or control of systems in a variety of application domains, including supply chains, energy systems, healthcare systems, and financial systems.

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(specializing in Applied Sustainability)Notes:** - Part of the Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy Program also provides additional graduate programs - MBA, Master of International Business, Master of Finance, Master of Management Analytics, Master of Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Graduate Diploma in Business, Graduate Diploma in Accounting.

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Prerequisites: Students who have not advanced to M.S., M.S./Ph.D., or Ph.D. levels or are not in the Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Department must consult with the instructor before taking this course for credit

Supervised practice in college teaching of industrial and management systems engineering.

Phd thesis in industrial engineering and management.

Thesis students may count a maximum of 6 s.h. of research credit toward the degree and may include that credit in the required 21 s.h. of graduate-level industrial engineering courses. The thesis option does not include research credit.

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The Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR) offers three graduate programs: a Master of Engineering (MEng), a Master of Science (MS), and a PhD. These programs have been developed to meet the needs of individuals with backgrounds in engineering or the mathematical sciences who wish to enhance their knowledge of the theory, development, and use of quantitative models for design, analysis, risk management, and decision-making. This knowledge applies to complex systems in the industrial, service, or public sectors, including energy systems, supply chains, healthcare systems, and financial systems. Students may concentrate on theoretical studies in preparation for doctoral-level research, or on applications of state-of-the-art techniques to real world problems.