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In service-learning writing courses, students either “compose texts for non-profit or community organizations, connect social theories with the experiences of disenfranchised groups, learn about literacy and community theory through tutoring experiences [and/] or develop collaborative problem-solving partnerships” (Ball and Goodburn 79)....

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  (1994)Creating a learning organization. PhD thesis, University of Warwick.

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Learning organizations are not simply the most fashionable or current management trend, they can provide work environments that are open to creative thought, and embrace the concept that solutions to ongoing work-related problems are available inside each and every one of us. All we must do is tap into the knowledge base, which gives us the "ability to think critically and creatively, the ability to communicate ideas and concepts, and the ability to cooperate with other human beings in the process of inquiry and action (Navran Associates Newsletter 1993).

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What learning organizations do is set us free. Employees no longer have to be passive players in the equation; they learn to express ideas and challenge themselves to contribute to an improved work environment by participating in a paradigm shift from the traditional authoritarian workplace philosophy to one where the hierarchy is broken down and human potential is heralded. Learning organizations foster an environment wherein people can "create the results they truly desire," and where they can learn to learn together for the betterment of the whole (Rheem 1995,10).

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Peter Senge also places an emphasis on in organizations – especially with regard to the discipline of team learning. Dialogue (or conversation) as Gadamer has argued is is a process of two people understanding each other. As such it is inherently risky and involves questioning our beliefs and assumptions.

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Our faculty and distinguished scholar-practitioners pursue publications and professional presentations as expressions of thought-leadership in organization change and related areas. Our department offers relevant professional development opportunities from a variety of leaders in the community throughout the year at no cost to students.

Malhotra, Y. (1996) ’Organizational Learning and Learning Organizations: An Overview’

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To create a culture and environment that will act as the foundation for a learning organization begins with "a shift of mind - from seeing ourselves as separate from the world to connected to the world" (Senge 1996,37); seeing ourselves as integral components in the workplace, rather than as separate and unimportant cogs in a wheel. Finally, one of the biggest challenges that must be overcome in any organization is to identify and breakdown the ways people reason defensively. Until then, change can never be anything but a passing phase (Argyris 1991,106). Everyone must learn that the steps they use to define and solve problems can be a source of additional problems for the organization (Argyris 1991,100).

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Any individual who is keen to learn the essential skills of formal communication in contemporary business world.
The main objective of this course is to transfer the essential and fundamental elements of Business Communication which will help each individual to be competent in their respective fields within an organization.
The foundation of this learning is based on confidence building, hence the course is more of activity based and lesser theoretical.

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Therefore, service learning and character education should be implemented in schools along with civic learning (textbook learning) to provide the most beneficial tools in molding future members of society....