Plant growth over sunlight or shade!

The temperature from sunlight makes the seeds germinate and grow better.

Results show that the researchers’ hypothesis is significant because the monggo seeds grew into a fully developed plant with healthy green leaves.

Not only do plants need sunlight, all living organisms do.
Set-Up A
Set-Up B
Set-Up A
Set-Up B
Set-Up A
Set-Up B
Set-Up A
Set-Up B
Set-Up A
Set-Up B
Day 7

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A plant cannot survive, reproduce, or produce food without sunlight.

One plant was placed in sunlight, another placed in moonlight, and the other placed in no light.

how does sunlight affect plant growth? Hypothesis? | …

These examples contain the words, if and then. Formalized hypotheses contain two variables. One is "independent" and the other is "dependent." The independent variable is the one you, the scientist control and the dependent variable is the one that you observe and/or measure the results.

Problem & Hypothesis - Lights! Colors! Plants! Grow!

The 'color' of light (the emission amplitude and spectral distribution) can significantly affect plant growth. Keep in mind, it's not only the visible light, but the UV and infra-red areas in the spectrum - light that is not visible to the human eye. There are 'full spectrum' light bulbs that have been available (at least in the past) for people who wish to provide 'sun equivalent' lighting forplants [and people too] - both plants and people probably grow better :) under this type of balanced light. As an aside, the typical cool white fluorescent lamp emits strongly in the blue and green emission bands (try peeking at one with a prism or spectra scope.) Studies have suggested that fluorescent and other unbalanced bulbs do less than great things of people and plants are exposed to them chronically (prolonged exposure).....including 1. increased incidence of dental caries (cavities), 2. hyperactivity and depression in adults...on and on... To answer your question though, yes, light affects plants. It can inhibit growth, reproduction, and plant health.. ...or help it if the light is right. Regards, Mac

Find a few books written by John Ott. He did some plant and colored light stuff - kinda like you are! :) Cool eh? Then - don't believe everything you read. Do the project yourself! Get some plants, buy some little lights, and away you go. (Psst - go ahead and do the Red, Blue, White, and Yellow - but add a few more lights if you can. A so-called Gro-Light that has some UV in it - and perhaps a standard fluorescent bulb.)

If we place a bean plant in sunlight everyday, then it will grow faster.

Hypothesis: If I plant the bean in the sunlight and the other in

Step 6: After two weeks record the final heights of the plants in the data table.

By: Sydni Hebert and Alyssa Suvino
This experiment is testing which bean plant out of three will grow the most: the plant placed in sunlight, moonlight or no light.
Bean Plant Growth

Plant Growth Experiments - CORNELL Composting

By the the third week it remained the same at ½ an inch.
Materials: Three bean plant seeds, soil, water, pots(cups), ruler, sunlight, and moonlight.

Step 1: Put soil in three pots(cups).
Step 2: Put bean plant seeds in each pot of soil.
Step 3: Then place one in sunlight, one in moonlight, and one in no light each day.

Therefore, The one in the sunlight grew green and strong enough to hold everything in place.

plants in northern or southern latitudes receive less sunlight.

Question: I need help with an experiment I'm doing. I read some place that plants need more red artificial light because it is the color of heat. It also said that artificial blue light was a cool color.

Based on general knowledge, the presence of sunlight is essential for the growth of plants.

Does lamp light or sunlight help a plant grow ..

Although plants can be grown under artificial lights, for centuries, it is found that they survive and grow best when exposed to natural light or sunlight.

The sunlight plant, as expected, grew more than the plants in no light and moonlight.

Plant growth over sunlight or shade by Alonso …

The seedlings of set-up B were taller because they were seeking sunlight.

The presence of sunlight enables the plant to produce food via photosynthesis, which is essential to plant growth.


Sunlight is very important to a plant’s growth.