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Other adaptive explanations for chin shape variation have also been suggested, most notably the masticatory stress hypothesis . According to this hypothesis, the chin functions as a buttress against mechanical stress caused by chewing. However, recent research suggests that this hypothesis is no longer viable since stress resistance is uncorrelated with chin shape in fossil and recent humans , –. Furthermore, the masticatory stress hypothesis does not explain the presence of sexual dimorphism in chin shape . If chin shape differences were caused by differences in mechanical stress associated with different diets, then why would males and females differ significantly in chin shape within geographic regions? To our knowledge, there is no evidence suggesting that males and females from the same population eat foods that differ in their mechanical properties. Thus, we consider the masticatory stress hypothesis to be an unlikely alternative to region-specific sexual selection as an explanation for geographic variation in chin shape.


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However, since the numerical statistics corresponding to the residuals obtained by using JavaScript, are not significant, therefore our ordinary least square regression is adequate for our analysis.

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Coefficients that are not significantly different from zero as indicated by insignificant t-statistics at a 5% level are dropped from the regression model.

Advancing the hypothesis that geographic variations in risk factors contribute relatively little to observed geographic variations in heart disease and stroke mortality
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Read “Bonk” by Mary Roach. About sex research. There are people who work on hog farms who artificially inseminate sows, and there is significant evidence that the sow has a better chance of becoming pregnant if she has an … ummm…. if she is …. ummm…..just read the book.

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The number of ways of lining up k objects at a time from n distinct objects is denoted by n P k, and by the preceding we have:Therfore, The number of permutations of n distinct objects taken k at a time can be written as: There are many problems in which we are interested in determining the number of ways in which k objects can be selected from n distinct objects without regard to the order in which they are selected.

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By a little bit of algebraic manipulation, one can show that the coefficient of correlation is related to the slope of the two regression lines: Y on X, and X on Y, denoted by m and m, respectively: