Another good example of static electricity is lightning

Having already shown that the criticisms of standardscience are invalid, I will now show that the claims for the "electricsun" hypothesis are equally invalid.

How Do Different Materials React to Static Electricity?

Separating mixtures with static electricityWhat Materials Conduct Static Electricity Best?

Students will experiment with balloons, combs and staticelectricity

In the process of developing our modern understanding of electricity, magnetism and electromagnetism, our predecessors carried out investigations which have now become accepted and replicated in modern classrooms.

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They are also consistent with a model wherein the Sun is an iso densesphere of gas that supports, on its outer surface, an electric arc discharge powered externally,electrically.
End QuoteA most amazing interpretation of the paper by Christensen-Dalsgaard & Gough, which in factsays exactly the opposite from what Scott says it says!

Demonstrate static electricity with rice krispies jumping from a table top (K-3)

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After all, even if the criticisms of standardastrophysics are easy to dispose of, it may still be that the "electricsun" is equal to, or better then, standard theory.

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This desire to discover new ways of producing clean energy has lead scientists at Stanford University and other universities to discover a way to harness the electricity produced during the process of photosynthesis.

What Color of Hair has more Static Electricity

The first instance of an Alternating Current motor appeared in 1882, where Sabastian Ferranti, in conjunction with Lord Kelvin designed electronic devices that could be used to implement an AC power system, including electrical generators and transformers....

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The electric sun hypothesis attempts to replace nuclear fusion, seen bystandard science as the sun's basic power source, and replace it withan alternative.

By way of background, it is important to state what electricity actually means....

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(Fay and Golomb, 2002, 16) This is a cause of concern because based on the United States Department of Energy’s International Energy Outlook 1997 the world’s electricity generation is primarily (63%) from fossil fuels, which release large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere when burned....

I need to know what is the name of first man that discovered electricity and how he did it?

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If that's the best they can do at criticizing standard theory, one has to wonderwhat is the quality, really, of the arguments taken in favor of the Sun being "electric"?

An electrolyte is any substance that contains free ions that conducts electricity....

Static Electricity: Experiments and Projects

End Quote The best way to make sense of any new idea, is to start off with what you know,and see if that knowledge, and the new idea, are compatible.