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Much research has been conducted in the past that treats the brain as an IV. For example, the brain has a direct effect on behavior. However, more recent research has shown that the brain can also be a DV. for example, is a type of learned behavior that helps you to control stress responses, like heart rate and muscle tension. The behavior makes subtle (and possibly permanent) changes in the brain. With biofeedback, the brain is the dependent variable, as it depends upon the behaviors practiced during biofeedback sessions. Although this is another example of how confusing the definition of an IV or DV can be, it also highlights how important it is to craft a good hypothesis statement for your experiment. Remember: the outcome of your experiment (i.e. your dependent variable) depends on how well you craft your hypothesis statement!

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The sentence level features used are independent from the MT systems involved.

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Put another way, the dependent variable is the variable that is being measured by you, the experimenter. In psychology, the DV is often a score of some type. For example, a score on memorization task, an IQ test, or a depression scale.

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The outcome variable and dependent variable are used synonymously. However, they are not exactly the same: the outcome variable is defined as the presumed effect in a non-experimental study, where the dependent variable is the presumed effect in an experimental study1.

The conventional antibiotics used in this experiment were Amoxicillin and Erythromycin.

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In this experiment I used a Zip Block bag to keep the fruits organized, 3 tags labeled on the fruits so we know what fruit it is, and 3 pieces of oranges, apples, and blueberries to test out with.

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In the end, my experiment produced confusing results, and so after analyzing what went wrong, I used my research to find that positive reinforcement is best.

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The proposed method separately translates clauses in the source sentence and reconstructs the target sentence using the clause translations with non-terminals.

The conventional antifungals used in this experiment were Diflucan and Nystatin.

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We experiment with seven leading algorithms, obtaining useful insights and showing that token and type level measures can weakly or even negatively correlate, which underscores the fact that these two approaches reveal different aspects of clustering quality.

Great work in having a large number of subjects, blind taste tests and controlling variables.

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To disambiguating SAAs, we compare the machine learning-based and lexicon-based methods in our submissions: 1) Maximum entropy is used to train classifiers based on the annotated Chinese data from the NTCIR opinion analysis tasks, and the clause-level and sentence-level classifiers are compared; 2) For the lexicon-based method, we first classify the adjectives into two classes: intensifiers (i.e.

In the modeling experiment I use metal beams from a vex robotics kit to make a limb.

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For sentence SRL and event detection, we use a feature-based machine learning method which makes combined use of both consti-tuent-based and dependency-based features.