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Ellis (1994) referred to feedback as “the information given to learners which they can use to revise their interlanguage.” He also distinguishes two different kinds of feedback, positive and negative feedback; positive feedback has to do with the information that indicates that a hypothesis is incorrect.

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The critical period hypothesis is the subject of a ..

Many studies seem to have proven that the critical hypothesis exists because apparently no adult after puberty has been successful in achieving native-like proficiency.

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In his initial discovery of the “critical period hypothesis,” Lenneberg stated: “there are maturational constraints on the time a first language can be acquired.

Examples include reaching for an object that is out of one’s reach, requesting food or a toy or calling an adult’s name....

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It still hasn’t been reported by our diligent public media that the Wellstone-Ramstad Mental Health Parity Act, successfully repelled for decades by commonsense politicians, was clandestinely rammed through to become law during the Congressional Panic of 2008. In addition to the bailout for Wall Street, the Parity Act simply removed the cap on the amount that can be spent on addiction treatment services. It added nothing to the up-front $750 billion bailout, but its effects will be seen in astronomical spending on addiction treatment services justified as crime prevention, cost-cutting, and compassion. Talk about inverted thought!
California Prop. 5 is one more example of the 12-step syndicate up to its usual gutter oriented programming. Here is a well-written rebuttal that will also explain what the proposal proposes:

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Proposition 5 goes far beyond the drug-dependent individual; it also applies to drug dealers. For example, those found with up to $50,000 worth of “meth” would be treated the same as an individual user. We need to keep focused on helping those who are drug-dependent, rather than dealers profiting off addiction. Prop 5 treats meth dealers the same as an individual drug user.

This significance of language is what draws scientists to study origin, differences and connections between languages.

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In this area of study, Johnson and Newport (1989) is among the most prominent and leading studies which tries to seek evidence to test the Critical Period Hypothesis (CPH) in second language (L2) acquisition.

The Critical Period Hypothesis proposes that the human brain is only malleable, in terms of language, for a limited time.

through systematic specialist training.

According to Beller (2008), most hypotheses focus on the successive SLA, such as the behaviouristically oriented ‘contrastive hypothesis’, the nativist-oriented ‘identity hypothesis’, as well as the interlanguage hypothesis, while few of the studies have paid attention to the SLA of bilingual pre-school-aged children....

Many proponents of the hygiene hypothesis say that the germs in the ..


Proposition 5 could provide, in effect, a “get-out-of-jail-free” card to defendants charged with crimes. For example, domestic violence, child abuse, mortgage fraud, identity theft, vehicular manslaughter, insurance fraud and auto theft, letting them effectively escape criminal prosecution altogether. If a violent offender is granted a hearing using “the drugs made me do it” defense, the burden of proof shifts to the prosecution to prove that the defendant should be held responsible for his or her crimes.