Hyperbranched lysine−arginine copolymer for gene …

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No matter HMW PEIs or LMW PEIs, intracellular release of DNA from the complexes is of the utmost importance for the transfection efficiency. In order to trigger intracellular release of therapeutic genes from cross-linked PEI, there are two promising methods, hydrolytic degradation and disulfide reduction. Disulfide cross-linked polymers were synthesized to stimulate the DNA release in the cytoplasm by intracellular reducing environment [].

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Although the exact mechanism of the antimicrobial activity of QACs is not yet fully understood, it is currently thought to be due to their ability to increase cell permeability and cell membrane disruption. QAC-immobilized PPI dendrimers have been shown to have very high antibacterial activity against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria compared to QACs-immobilized hyperbranched polymers 38.

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“Synthesis and characterization of branched polyelectrolytes

In this respect, dendrimers have a high potential for use as a scaffold for immunogen carriers because dendrimers can be easily modified by coupling antigen molecules to the surface functional groups. The first example of MAPs was reported by Tam and co-worker, who synthesized defined mixtures of B- and T-cell epitopes by attaching multiple copies of the peptide sequences to the polylysine dendrimer core.

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It is important to note that hyperbranched polymers

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