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DISSERTATION TOPIC- study on HVAC system optimization through

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Challenging HVAC careers abound in manufacturing, contracting, building operations and in the engineering of commercial, institutional and industrial building systems.

Wireless sensor network for HVAC control [Master’s thesis].

These industries look for trained HVAC engineering technicians for a variety of HVAC positions, including applications engineer, project engineer, systems control, estimator, HVAC technician, systems representative, control systems trainer and in-plant HVAC engineer. There also are many opportunities to be found with architectural and engineering firms.

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DSpace@MIT contains selected theses and dissertations from all MIT departments dating as far back as the mid-1800s. Since 2004, all new Masters and Ph.D theses have been added to after degrees have been awarded.

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Delivering clean air and providing thermal comfort for building occupants are the goals of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. Ventilation process includes the exchange of air to the outside and circulation of the indoor air. In both cases, the air that circulates through HVAC ducts contains fungi and moisture. Combination of fungi, moisture and organic materials creates a suitable environment for mold growth inside the ducts. Studies prove that duct-cleaning process can reduce the amount of pollutants present in the ducts; thus, it has a positive impact on psychological and physical health of the society. The difficulties of the duct cleaning process and unreachable duct networks inspired duct-cleaning firms to employ simple robotic platforms for this task. As my MS thesis in Mechatronics, I have designed a novel duct-cleaning robot (DCR) which addresses challenges and limitations of the current commercially available DCR platforms. This project also includes two detailed and exhaustive surveys on available DCR platforms and climbing robots to address the following points: I) gather and categorize the requirements and limitations of the current available DCR solutions, duct-cleaning processes and techniques implemented by different firms; II) to categorize available climbing robot platforms from agility, versatility and performance and points of view. Additionally, through an exhaustive study of duct conditions and possible maneuvers by robots, we have proposed and proved the minimum requirements of a robotic platform that can pass through any possible situation in air duct channels. Consequently, the following design criteria are assumed for the conceptual design of the robot. I) The robot needs to be able to move on both vertical and horizontal planes with rectangular or circular cross sections. II) It requires performing surface-to-surface transitions between duct planes with the minimum possible number of active degrees of freedom as proofed before. III) Efficient locomotion systems are desired to minimize the power consumption of the system. IV) The robot is going to be available on industrial market, thus fabrication and maintenance costs must be minimized.

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About Ferris State University: College classes including our HVAC degree program, are taught at all levels by professional teachers, not graduate assistants. College students that major in HVAC at Ferris State University, study in more than 170 different college educational programs - including doctorate degrees, masters degrees, bachelors degree HVAC and associate degree HVAC programs.

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The HVAC Engineering Technology program addresses designing, retrofitting, testing and balancing on a problem-solving level to prepare technologists to fill the wide technological gap between HVAC service, HVAC technicians and HVAC engineers.

This study addresses 5 uncertainties that exist in the operation of HVAC systems, ..

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For the project idea, provide a project title and a 1-3 paragraph discussion of what the problem is, how you intend to address the problem and the criteria and methods to be used to demonstrate success.