In particular,a dissertation highlights original contributions.

For example, even if all computerprograms written in Professor X's lab require more memory than thecomputer programs written in Professor Y's lab, it may not have anythingto do with the professors or the lab or the programmers (e.g., maybe thepeople working in professor X's lab are working on applications thatrequire more memory than the applications in professor Y's lab).

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Indeed, the writing in a dissertaton must be crystal clear.

Here are ten things to check before you bind your dissertation:

Reliability, like validity, is a way of assessing the quality of the measurement procedure used to collect data in a dissertation. In order for the results from a study to be considered valid, the measurement procedure must first be reliable. In this article, we: (a) explain what reliability is, providing examples; (b) highlight some of the more common threats to reliability in research; (c) briefly discuss each of the main types of reliability you may use in your dissertation, and the situations where they are appropriate; and (d) point to the various articles on the Lærd Dissertation website where we discuss each of these types of reliability in more detail, including articles explaining how to run these reliability tests in the statistics package, SPSS, as well as interpret and write up the results of such tests.

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When we examine a construct in a study, we choose one of a number of possible ways to measure that construct [see the section on , if you are unsure what constructs are, or the difference between constructs and variables]. For example, we may choose to use questionnaire items, interview questions, and so forth. These questionnaire items or interview questions are part of the measurement procedure. This measurement procedure should provide an accurate representation of the construct it is measuring if it is to be considered valid. For example, if we want to measure the construct, intelligence, we need to have a measurement procedure that accurately measures a person's intelligence. Since there are many ways of thinking about intelligence (e.g., IQ, emotional intelligence, etc.), this can make it difficult to come up with a measurement procedure that has strong validity [see the article: ].

There is no canonical organization for a dissertation; each is unique.

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In our articles on EXPECTATIONS and LEARNING, we explain what the reader expects and learns from your dissertation title, before setting out the major COMPONENTS that can be included in dissertation titles. Finally, since your dissertation title should follow a specific written style, which explains when to capitalise words, which words to capitalise, how to deal with quotation marks, abbreviations, numbers, and so forth, we provide some guidance in our article on STYLES.

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Provided that the error component within a measurement procedure is relatively small, the scores that are attained over a number of measurements will be relatively consistent; that is, there will be small differences in the scores between measurements. As such, we can say that the measurement procedure is reliable. Take the following example:

If they don't mean anythingto you now, revisit them after you finish writing a dissertation.

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For example, the sentence``There is a compiler that translates the N languages by...''means a single compiler exists that handles all the languages, whilethe sentence``For each of the N languages, there is a compiler that translates...'' means that there may be 1 compiler, 2 compilers, or N compilers.

Thus, the most difficult aspect of writing adissertation consists of organizing the evidence and associateddiscussions into a coherent form.

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In quantitative research, the measurement procedure consists of variables; whether a single variable or a number of variables that may make up a construct [see the section on ]. When we think about the reliability of these variables, we want to know how stable or constant they are. This assumption, that the variable you are measuring is stable or constant, is central to the concept of reliability. In principal, a measurement procedure that is stable or constant should produce the same (or nearly the same) results if the same individuals and conditions are used. So what do we mean when we say that a measurement procedure is constant or stable?

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