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Why do you think it is important for Lincoln to establish himself as respectable?
Visual Anaylysis
1) What was Lincoln's purpose in the Gettysburg Address?
a) free the slaves
b) put an end to the civil war
c) honor the soldiers who gave their lives
d) inspire America to keep fighting
e) c and d
2) Which of the following is an example of pathos that helps Lincoln achieve his purpose?
a) using deductive reasoning to persuade the audience to fight
b) stating commonly held beliefs
c) establishing himself as respectable by praising bravery
d) antithesis to further emphasize the soldiers' honor
e) repetition of the word "we" to make the listeners feel united
3) What classical appeal does Lincoln predominately use?
a) Ethos
b) Pathos
c) Logos
d) Personification
e) Onomatopoeia
Lincoln predominately uses pathos to console the audience and honor soldiers
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4) Lincoln appeals to pathos in all of the following ways besides:
a) anaphora- repeating "we" several times to make the crowd feel united
b) emphasizing the soldiers' honor and consoling friends and family
c) presenting himself with respect
d) speaking intimately to the crowd
5) How does the visual show the interaction between Lincoln and his audience?
a) Lincoln stands tall and strong, with assumed authority
b) His open body language indicates intimacy
c) Stands in the middle of everyone, like he is one of them
d) The audience is intently focused on what he is saying, most likely strongly agreeing
e) all of the above
Before we begin....
Take a moment to read The Gettysburg Address.
What do you think Lincoln's purpose is?
Look for rhetorical devices which help Lincoln achieve his purpose.

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how does lincoln use antithesis in the gettysburg address, wow statements for essays

Here is an example of antithesis in The Gettysburg Address: ..

In Lincoln s famous Gettysburg Address , he uses parallel structure.
The Gettysburg Address is the most famous speech ever given by This article will show you the importance of Antithesis and how to use it.

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Antithesis is used in writing or speech either as a proposition that contrasts with or reverses -Abraham Lincoln, The Gettysburg Address, 1863.
antithesis, (3) He would use all four strategies in his brief address at Gettysburg.

What rhetorical device does Lincoln use in the first two lines of his speech, the "Gettysburg Address"?

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might live” is an excellent example of antithesis, to the penultimate sentence.
Transcript of "The Gettysburg Address" Rhetorical Analysis "The Gettysburg Address" Rhetorical Analysis Logos Antithesis: purpose in the Gettysburg Address?.
discuss the different techniques that Lincoln used in "The Gettysburg Address".

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19 address.
Devices used in the "Gettysburg Address".' and find Discuss the rhetorical Devices used in the Lincoln's use of parallel structure, antithesis.
Throughout the great yet somewhat short speech of the Gettysburg Address Abraham Lincoln we cannot hallow Antithesis--direct Logos is the use of logic.
Apr 24, 2011 In Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, he uses rhetoric to move the audience to see In addition to metaphor, Lincoln uses antithesis.
Literary Devices: the words a writer uses to convey ideas or feelings.

What techniques does Lincoln use to communicate tone and theme

You guys struggled with pathos and antithesis, ..

Among the often-noticed features of Lincoln's sentence style is his fondness for antithesis.
Come to our site and learn about the antithesis used gettysburg address.

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but it can never forget what they did here" - Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address" However, antithesis doesn Inaugural Address; Many examples of antithesis.

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The Gettysburg Address has become an authoritative expression of the American spirit—as authoritative as the Declaration itself, and perhaps even more influential, since it determines how we read the Declaration. For most people now, the Declaration means what Lincoln told us it means, as a way of correcting the Constitution itself without overthrowing it. . . . By accepting the Gettysburg Address, its concept of a single people dedicated to a proposition, we have been changed. Because of it, we live in a different America. (Pp. 146–147)