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The Soviets had used blatant genocide propaganda (including faked evidence and ) against Nazi Germany all through-out WWII. The Global Zionists simply continued and built on these Soviet lies ever since (Jews were all through-out Communist Russia from the beginnings). After the fighting ended in Europe, vengeful Polish and Soviet Jews, or American and British Zionist intelligence units, violently tortured German POWS of all ranks to make often impossible “confessions” that are still in use today.

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You might call this the first case of

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The Parliament of Hungary declared the denial or trivialization of the Holocaust a crime punishable by up to three years imprisonment on February 23, 2010

Holocaust on Trial," originally broadcast on October 31, 2000

In Austria, the Verbotsgesetz 1947 provided the legal framework for the process of denazification in Austria and suppression of any potential revival of Nazism. In 1992, it was amended to prohibit the denial or gross minimisation of the Holocaust

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Study the holocaust lies which are churned out on a daily basis

It is only when one considers the enormous lack of evidenceof a holocaust - all the physical matter that would have been left over from such a campaign (six million corpses?!!!!) and the sheer magnitude of such an undertaking - then the hoax becomes obvious.

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This confidence scam was the Jewish community's prep for the next "holocaust," and demonstrates how easily it is for them to put their hands into the purse.

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Unlike US General Eisenhower’s POW camps, where around a million captured German soldiers were purposefully allowed to die through starvation and exposure in muddy fields after the war was over (bet you didn’t know that); the Germans did everything they could to minimize the deaths of Jews in the camps (they even had inmate hospitals for crying out loud). Then the whole system finally broke down due to the massive bombing campaign against Germany and advancing allied armies. Tens of thousands of concentration camp inmates died from typhus, but only at a handful of camps. Sure, many Soviet prisoners died from starvation and were worked to death during the war, but the Jew numbers were far less than what they want you to think, probably on the magnitude of the Armenian “holocaust,” or upwards of 1.5 million tops.

List of countries it’s illegal to “Deny” the Holocaust in, 17 plus the EU;

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This past week, the Israeli government issued vehement denunciations of the conference convened by the Iranian government in Tehran to promote the denial of the mass murder of the Jews in World War II, an act of Holocaust denial.

This reporter asked the spokespeople of the government of Israel if they would also denounce the leader of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas (also known as Abu Mazen) for the Holocaust denial that has been an integral part of his legacy.

Israel In Israel, a law to criminalize Holocaust denial was passed by the Knesset on July 8, 1986.


As Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Wiesenthal Center wrote in a May 29, 2003 press release, "It is time for Prime Minister Abu Mazen to publicly denounce Holocaust Denial to his constituency and to install leaders in Media and Education Ministries who are prepared to teach Palestinian children the truth about their Jewish neighbors."

Yet, in that May 31st, 2003 meeting with Israeli reporters, Abbas would not apologize for or retract any of the Holocaust denial thesis that he had written.

In May 2007 Ekrem Ajanovic, a Bosniak MP in the Bosnian Parliament proposed a legislation on criminalizing the denial of Holocaust.

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One Third of the Holocaust. Part 1 of 26. Watch full version if possible (4 hours but worth it). Go to Denierbud’s site, or watch the ones here, and ask yourself why the ADL Jews wanted it removed. It’s because the Jews don’t want the casual person exposed to such thinking!