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Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c, or A1c) is currently the most prominent biomarker for assessing the glycemic status of people with diabetes and for making decisions on the appropriate therapy adjustments, if needed. Discovered more than forty years ago by Samuel Rahbar [] and co-workers, the breakthrough for HbA1c was achieved when it was discovered in the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT) in 1993 that the concentration of HbA1c was an excellent predictor of diabetes-related long-term complications []. Over the years, many healthcare providers have come to view the HbA1c value as a "magic number" that comprises all of the information required for managing blood glucose concentrations to prevent complications in people with diabetes; the concept "the lower the better" was considered a tempting approach.

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94PART II. BIOSYNTHESIS OF HEMOGLOBIN TABLE II% Uptake Few Experiment A Experiment B Control 29 52 Dialyzed (INTO) 9 16 Reconstituted 27 Glutathione ( 1 ~ 10 - 3M) 19 Glutathione ( 1 x 10—~M) 52REFERENCES1~ Goldberg, A., Ashenbrucker, H., Cartwright, G. E., and Wintrobe, M. M.: Studieson the biosynthesis of heme in vitro by Adrian erythrocytes, Blood 11: 821, 1957.2. Schwartz, H. C., Cartwright, G. E., and Wintrobe, M. M.: Studies on the syn-thesis of heme from protoporphyrin, Clin. Research Proceedings 5: 29, 1957.3. Shemin, D., Abramsky, T., and Russell, C. S.: The synthesis of protoporphyrinfrom delta-amino levulinic acid in a cell-free extract, J. of the Am. Chem. Soc.76: 1, 1954.4. Krueger, R. C., Melnick, I., and Klein, J. R.: Formation of heme by broken-cellpreparations of duck erythrocytes, Arch. of Biochem. and Biophys. 64: 302, 1956.

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It has to be reminded that hemoglobin production in early life is subject to a couple of switching events. The first event occurs in human beings during the transition from yolk sac to fetal liver erythropoiesis: this is the change from embryonic hemoglobins and to α and γ globins, which form fetal Hb (α2γ2). In the perinatal period a second switch takes place, with the tapering of HbF production and synthesis of adult HbA so that a minimal amount of HbF, as beforesaid, is present in a few erythrocytes in normal adults.


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As red blood cells typically have a lifespan of about 120 days, HbA1c should represent glycemia over this period of time. Obviously, all conditions that shorten the lifespan of red blood cells will decrease HbA1c as the average time during which red blood cells are exposed to glucose is reduced. Such conditions comprise, for example, hypersplenism and all types of hemolytic anemias which may be acquired (e.g., during infections such as malaria, in hemolytic microangiopathies, in drug- induced or in auto-immune hemolytic anemia), or that are inborn (e.g., variants of the hemoglobin genotype in hemoglobinopathies, disturbed hemoglobin synthesis in thalassemias, or increased red blood cell fragility in elliptocytosis and spherocytosis). There are indications that hyperglycemia itself may also reduce red blood cell lifespan [].

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