The new binding and cover looks real good.

And yet, perhaps, they would have been condemned, if they had taken their lives; for their mode of life had been less austere and their characters more pliable.

for the excellent bookbinding job you did on my two Bibles.

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The cover is much finer, and inside binding is wonderful.

Sometimes their physical condition when acquired calls for expert conservation treatment, whether repairs to the original binding, completely new bindings, or being given a protective case.

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Many students have difficulties in meeting deadlines in relation to theses and projects, mainly due to inadequate preparation, leaving all or most of the substantial work to be done after taught courses and examinations have been completed. Almost without exception, the most successful theses/projects are those on which the student has been working continuously over the course of the academic year. Pressure of work is in no circumstances acceptable as a reason for delay in submitting the thesis/project. A student who believes that he or she may not be able to submit a thesis/project on time may seek an extension. However, extensions for submission of the thesis/project are accepted in a very limited number of circumstances, e.g. illness or family bereavement. Students must be able to verify the circumstances which have made the extension necessary, e.g. with independent professional assessment such as a doctor's certificate. Explanations for any delay must be submitted before the project deadline to the school secretary, who will time and date stamp it and pass it to the chair of the programme board.

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And so, when we have leisure from the demands of business cares, we are eager to see, to hear, to learn something new, and we esteem a desire to know the secrets or wonders of creation as indispensable to a happy life.

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On the other hand, graduates of the Harvard Extension School who worked full-time while getting their master’s degrees might complain that the students who were able to go to school full-time had things too easy. Holding down a full-time job while maintaining the discipline to complete an online master’s degree from an academically rigorous school is very difficult. It is much harder to sit alone in a room late at night after work watching lectures and doing problem sets than it is to attend class with your peers. The skills that will let you pull that off will generally go a long way toward helping you succeed.

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As mentioned before, only 3% of people who take classes through the Extension School end up with a degree. By comparison, Harvard College (where students get their undergrad degree) generally accepts around 7% of applicants in a given year. So the Extension School lets everyone try, but is selective in the academic quality of people who achieve passing grades. Harvard College is selective in who they allow into the school in the first place. Since the peer experience is a very important part of Harvard College, this makes sense. It is a much less important part of the Extension School.

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Where a project includes a CD or DVD, (audio and video, for example), copies of the CD or DVD should be placed in a pocket within the three copies of the project report. Other media projects of any kind should be clearly marked and in a format to be agreed in writing with the supervisor and thesis co- ordinator in advance of submission.
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Within an academic context, plagiarism is considered one of the worst possible offences - it constitutes intellectual theft. Dublin City University defines plagiarism as the deliberate act of taking and using another person’s work as your own. It includes absent references where these ought to be present, reproducing without due acknowledgement the work (even with small changes) of another from any source including books, journals, articles, TV programmes, the Internet, lecture notes. It also includes self-plagiarism, i.e. submitting own work for more than one assessment. Also included is collusion when a group of people collaborate or collude to present an assessment or a substantial part thereof as the work of one person, when the examiner required individual research and outcome.

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But orderly behaviour and consistency of demeanor and self-control and the like have their sphere in that department of things in which a certain amount of physical exertion, and not mental activity merely, is required.