The Harmony® System uses a pump and a one-way valve to effectively create vacuum between the socket and liner. With every step, the system is activated and maintains the required vacuum to control the volume of the residual limb while improving circulation. Shock absorbtion and torsion control add extra function. Better suspension improves proprioception, allowing the user to feel more connected to their environment and improving security in everyday life. The Harmony® System is used with either a standard or a custom polyurethane liner depending on the residual limb conditions.

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Second Sight's Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System restores some vision to people who are blind due to Retinitis Pigmentosa. Approved by the FDA in 2013, the implantable technology typically restores enough vision to follow lines, find doors and windows, identify and avoid objects, and locate people.

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Carl Caspers CPO of EMS became an amputee as a result of an accident in high school. In search of a more comfortable and functional socket, Carl became interested in prosthetic limb design. In 1967 Carl graduated from Northwestern Medical University in Chicago, IL and became a certified prosthetist/orthotist.

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We encourage our clients to become familiar with the different types of prosthetic feet available, to assist in the selection of the most appropriate type for them.

Prosthetic feet, like knees, hips, and other components incorporated into a prosthesis, can be grouped according to a recognized functional level classification system:


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Sleeping on the back is natural, comfortable and helps recovery. In these positions, no static load lies on the three components of the Stomatognatic (Chewing) System; the jaw is not constrained and its space of action is free; Spontaneous Deglutition is thus not hindered.

What I define as “autoharmonization” is an automatic harmonizing action carried out by means of Spontaneous Deglutition. The “autoharmonization” is possible due to the control capacity, adjustment capacity and remodelling CAPACITY of the three components of the Stomatognathic System:

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History taking and Empirical evidence prove that everybody who suffers from one or more of the above-mentioned symptoms, sleeps lying face downwards or on their stomach. No one sleeps in the correct position. It thus follows by logic that a wrong static sleeping position (decubitus) is the main cause of these symptoms.

The variety of pathologies which may occur is only due to individual predisposition, various favoring factors and the duration of the decubitus. People suffering from these symptoms can eliminate all their chronic pains they don't need, BITE, and expensive therapy, drugs or prosthesis. Everybody can recover by simply adopting the correct positions suggested below.

Definitive recovery will only take place after keeping a correct sleeping position for a period of 4 to 6 months.

The vacuum system with the mechanical Harmony P3 pump provides good adhesion in the socket of the artificial limb that minimises impacts and tensile forces.

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The prosthesis for the patient with Syme’s (Through the ankle) or Chopart (Through Midtarsal joint) amputation is similar to the below-knee prosthesis except that the socket also serves as the shank. Because of the short space between the end of the stump and the floor, a special type of foot, usually a modification of one of the popular designs, must be used. Also, because of the shape of the stump, no extra provision for suspension is necessary.