“Skalak’s extended theory of water hammer”, ..

During the design of a FRP overwrap for a pipe which is susceptible to water hammer conditions, it will therefore be important to ensure that the changed natural frequency does not lead to unacceptable stresses.

Skalak, An extension of the theory of water hammer, PhD Thesis, ..

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» ~ Exploits the phenomena of water hammer and cavitation to produce steam. Tests conducted at Battelle Institute showed over-unity efficiency.

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A methodology for comprehensive optimisation of pipe diameters, pipe classes and surge tanks of the water distribution systems has been developed by carefully integrating the steady state hydraulic solver, the water hammer simulation model, the fast messy GA and the boundary search strategy.

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Finally, the hydraulic network solver (EPANET) for steady state simulation has been incorporated into a transient model for simulation of water hammer in water distribution systems.

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An energy efficiency consultant from Georgia, Griggs invented the pump as a result of his curiosity about a common phenomenon called water hammer or cavitation.

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Structural and fluid computational results based on rapid and slow gate closure scenarios are compared with existing closed-form solutions of the water hammer.

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The paper presents an acoustic signal processing approach for the surveillance of a water pipe and the characterization of the water hammer effect. The experiment is based on ultrasonic transceivers and the validation is made with pressure sensors. The major objective is to quantify the pressure variation into the pipe using a non-intrusive method.

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An approximate dynamic model, describing the radial vibration of steel pipes with a FRP overwrap, due to water hammer conditions, has been derived.

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Water hammer is the occurrence of pressure waves in the conveyed liquid, due to abrupt changes to steady flow conditions, for example the rapid closure of a valve.