His mother has remarried to what he believes is a villain.

The King asks Hamlet "How is it that the clouds still hang on you" and the Queen tells him to "Cast thy nighted color off." By these comments one can envision Hamlet as someone who appears and radiates out his sorrow over his father's death....

Horatio’s minor role is vital to the story of Hamlet....

At the beginning of the scene Hamlet is shown being extremely violent towards Gertrude.

The plot consists of murder, betrayal, revenge, suicide and insanity.

Marchette Chute in “The Story Told in Hamlet” describes just how close the hero is to suicide while reciting his most famous soliloquy: Hamlet enters, desperate enough by this time to be thinking of suicide....

It is hard to tell whether Hamlet was truly insane or simply acting.

According to Peter Milward, the author of Shakespeare's Christianity: The Protestant and Catholic Poetics of Julius Caesar, Macbeth, and Hamlet, “From a purely religious point of view, which is more than just biblical, Hamlet is rich in homiletic material of all kinds, reflecting almost every aspect of the religious situation in a deeply religious age” (Milward 9)....

Hamlet is an alive and kicking story about seeking revenge for his father.

What is the difference between a zombie and an insane cannibal?

These approaches posed other possibilities and futures for institutions and exhibitions, challenging the consensual conception, production, and distribution of art.

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New Institutionalism’s dispersed and varied approaches to curating sought to reconfigure the art institution from within, reshaping it into an active, democratic, open, and egalitarian public sphere.

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Independent curator and writer Piper Marshall considers ideas of détournement, the readymade, and base materialism in Meckseper’s oeuvre, while writer and editor Domenick Ammirati explores the significance of painting and text within Meckseper’s installations.

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Developed over the course of an ongoing, five-year correspondence between artist Antje Majewski and the Polish conceptual artist Paweł Freisler, the project explores the idea of diversity in all of its possible meanings and manifestations, tying together collaborative and associatively connected works by Majewski and Agnieszka Polska, Freisler, Piotr Życieński, and Jimmie Durham in a museum exhibition dealing with the apple.

With his father dead and his mother a villain's whore, he has no one to confide in....

The theme of deceit is often repeated in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

First of all, this essay will discuss what plot elements, such as the play within the play and the genre of the revenge play that have been borrowed from Thomas Kyd’s works, notably The SpanishTragedy....

Hamlet’s mental state is declining throughout the play, but what is the true cause.

If So, What is the Nature of the Conflict?

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In Shakespeare�s play �Hamlet� the thought on reader�s minds is if Hamlet is sane or insane Hamlet seems to walk on the border of sanity and insanity The fact that Hamlet is able to switch his insanity on and off like a switch seems to be crazy in itself.

From an external view Hamlet appears insane, whether or not he is insane is left ambiguous.

His father, in the after-life figure of a ghost, speaks to Hamlet....

The first issue of looks into the territory of the public collection considering it both a semantic ground for institutional collecting as well as political and cultural infrastructure.